47 Amazing Marketing Website Design Ideas

Being up to date with the market is always critical for your agency. But sometimes, you need a little inspiration. And a little bit of flair. In this article, we will go through some stunning marketing website design ideas, and most importantly – you will see 47 real-life examples of successful creative agency sites that work.
But what is so specific about marketing websites? Why do they need to present the agency in the proper way and attract new customers? Here are some of the key elements your marketing website needs:

  • Your website should be professional – you are a marketing agency, and if you cannot “sell” yourself as a professional, how would you sell your products to potential clients? Your site should be error-free, it should be regularly updated and upgraded, and it shouldn’t look like you’ve used a cheap premade theme.
  • Showcase your work – let people know what you did for others. Show them your current or previous customers, and let them see that you are worth it and people want to work with you.
  • Let your potential clients reach you easily – simplify contact forms and be present. People use different communication methods(email, phone, social media), and you need to be close to your people – if the communication is poor, it is almost impossible for things to happen.
  • Be different – marketing is a creative industry – your website should be unique and artistic, and people should say WHOAAA!

Now let’s take a look at some really nice examples of marketing websites:


1. Serendipity Agency (Switzerland)

Serendipity Digital Marketing Agency website

Services: Digital Marketing, SEO, Advertisement

The first example from our list is a digital marketing agency from Switzerland. The website can stand out with an amazing combination of color palette choices and using gradients in the text. On top of that, you can clearly see the noise background which is quite a trend nowadays.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Great home page
✔️ Easy contact form
✔️ Excellent portfolio visualization



Skinn Branding and Marketing Agency

Services: Marketing Strategy, Branding, Advertisement

If you’re targeting branding design, then SKINN’s concept might be suitable for you. A good combination of bold design ideas and supreme use of shapes can give your brand a more premium and exclusive look, even on a white background.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Using photos as an integral part of the design
✔️ Portfolio visualization on the landing page
✔️ Linear design


3. Intello (France)

Intello Social Media Production Studio

Services: Social Media, Production, Cooperation

Intello includes a very interactive modern website design and the company works with reputable partners like NASA, NordVPN, Credit Agricole, and Spotify. There is a great contrast between the white background and cool everyday colors.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Great color combinations
✔️ Not much text
✔️ Lovely About Us section


4. Lēonard Agency (France)

Leonard Video Marketing and Creative Agency website design

Services: Creative, Video Marketing, Mass Media

Leonard Agency label itself as an “inventive” agency. Their focus is on original design concepts and high-profile clients like Adidas and Samsonite trust Leonard Agency’s expertise for video production projects. The page load speed is quite impressive, considering the stylish 3D elements.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Stellar gradient background
✔️ Simple and intuitive UX
✔️ 3D modeling


5. Heighton Agency (UK)

Heighton Web Design and SEO Agency

Services: Web design, SEO, Branding

Heighton Agency’s website heavily utilizes shapes and even its logo consists of multiple differently colored shapes. The website uses rotating images and a very intuitive user interface that grabs the eye. On top of that, the menus are straightforward.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Easy to find what the agency offers
✔️ Linear design at its finest
✔️ An amazing-looking roadmap


6. Meanpug Digital Agency (USA)

Meanpug Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency

Services: Digital Marketing, Advertising, Software development

Meanpug offers website design and marketing solutions for law firms, and it’s admirable that the company has stated the message on the landing page. Being niche allows businesses like this to gain more in-depth knowledge, and the colorful user interface only adds to the great impression we’ve already had.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Straightforward target audience message
✔️ Lovely Quiz form
✔️ Access to amazing case studies


7. Bob’s Agency (Spain)

Bob's Graphic and UX UI Design Agency website

Services: Copywriting, UX/UI Design, Graphic Design

Bob’s Agency can pride itself on mixing motion design and minimalism. And pink. Lots of pinks. Including a pink pineapple. Other than that, the UI design is simple, efficient, and consists of many blocks.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Original design
✔️ Great display of the services
✔️ Lots of motion


8. 2Point Agency (USA)

2Point Social Media and SEO Agency

Services: SEO, Advertisement, Social Media Marketing

2Point is following all the patterns of a successful website. It uses an interesting combination of light and dark themes on the landing page and all services have dedicated pages which is not typical for this industry. Colorful motion design adds even more value to the company’s offer.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Two themes available
✔️ Dedicated pages for each service
✔️ Origami vector animations


9. Inspirux Digital Agency (UK)

Inspirux Web Development Agency

Services: Web and App Development, UX/UI Design, Content Writing

Inspirux offers a plethora of services easily available to you. The black and white minimalistic design, combined with vector illustrations, adds a lot of premium “touches” to the already well-crafted interface, and the homepage allows you to see everything – from services, to case studies.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Playful design
✔️ Black and white combinations
✔️ Services are well explained


10. Croing Agency (USA)

Croing Influencer Marketing and Networking Agency

Services: Influencer Marketing, Linkedin Networking, Email Marketing

A creative agency cannot be successful if it only offers one single service. At Croing Agency, you will have access to lots of extras but that’s not the reason we liked the design. It offers a dark theme as well as a light theme, and all you need to do is click the toggle button. Other than that, it uses heavily blacks and whites to add a more premium feeling to the brand.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Dark/Light Theme
✔️ Tremendous amount of services
✔️ Amazing color balance


11. Magnetism (France)

Magnetism 3D Design Agency

Services: UX/UI Design, Social Media, 3D Design

If popular fashion brands, including Louis Vuitton, trust their projects to Magnetism, we need to consider them as inspiration. The website design doesn’t “promote” aggressive forms. Instead, it focuses on high-quality images and elegance which can be seen on any page.

What we love about this website:

✔️ High-quality images
✔️ Simplicity
✔️ The red dot that smoothly follows the cursor


12. VOVI Studio (UK)

VOVI Video Branding and Video Production Studio

Services: Video Production, Social Media Marketing, Branding

We have showcased VOVI Studio before but really – this is one hell of a website. Sleek design in dark theme, gradient colors that add depth, and a stunning user interface that aims to reduce carbon footprint. What we adored the most was how case study images were opened upon hovering. Truly amazing.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Images open upon mouse hover
✔️ Gradient colors in the text
✔️ Carbon-friendly website design


13. Cre8tive Agency (USA)

Cre8tive Motion Graphics Photography and 3D Agency website

Services: Photography, 3D / Motion Graphics, Go-to-market Planning

Once you open Cre8tive’s website and see names such as Adidas, Puma, Red Bull, and Beats by Dre, you know it’s not just another agency. With a focus on music and entertainment services, it boasts an amazing dark-theme design with a noise background, to create an exclusive feeling for potential customers.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Dominance of the red color
✔️ Dark theme
✔️ Bold design


14. Arctos Agency (USA)

Arctos Web Design and Influencer Agency

Services: Web Design, Influencer Marketing, Social Media

Arctos Agency can easily grab the spotlight with its linear website design. On top of that, it uses lots of blurred shapes and grain to make shapes more dramatic. Some letters in the headers are also quite interesting and if we see the brands that cooperate with Arctos directly or indirectly, we can find huge names there – like Skoda, Honda, WURTH, etc.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Great showcase of linear design
✔️ Unique color combination
✔️ Partnership with influencer organizations


15. Spire Agency (USA)

Spire Growth Planning and Branding Agency site

Services: Branding, Growth Planning

Spire Agency focuses on making B2B brands more capable on the market but their website design is no slouch either. They use one of the newest trends in marketing web design – black/red/white color combinations which create an upmarket feeling and add value.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Great color combinations
✔️ Target market is mentioned at the beginning
✔️ Lots of numbers and statistics, including a funny report about Spire employees


16. 128 Digital (USA)

128 Digital Marketing And SEO Studio

Services: NoCode Websites, UX/UI Design, Marketing & SEO

128 Digital uses the rule of the boxes pretty well across their design. There’s a blue dot with a circle that follows the mouse cursor and the hover buttons are pretty awesome, too. The choice of fonts is also something worth our attention and the dark theme with white letters just adds more depth.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Superb font selection
✔️ Easy to access services
✔️ Straight shapes


17. Green House Agency (UK)

Green House Event Management and Merchandising Agency

Services: Route to Market Strategy, Event Management, Merchandising

Green House Agency is a typical example of a marketing website design that is focused on providing a great user experience by utilizing large fonts and showing case studies on the landing page. On top of that, we can easily see the portfolio of clients, among which are industry giants Coca-Cola and Jack Daniels.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Combination of different styles
✔️ Logo “embroidery” on the black background
✔️ The News & Press page


18. MBM Agency (USA)

MBM Web Design and SEO Agency portfolio

Services: Website Design, SEO

Smart, neat, straightforward. That’s MBM Agency’s philosophy. If you’re looking for inspiration to create a simple, yet unforgettable interface – this is a great example. From the earthy colors used in the design to the choice of italic fonts, it’s all well-balanced and not overdone.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Choice of colors
✔️ Design simplicity
✔️ Referral page without affiliate links


19. Square Media Agency (Italy)

Square Ecommerce and Social Media Agency

Services: E-commerce websites, Website development, Social Media

Square Media Agency can boast of a flashy design – from the fancy folded 3D logo, to the bold headings, text highlights, and illustration choices. The interface is expressive and shows a lot of passion. A typical Italian job (in a good way!)

What we love about this website:

✔️ Bold fonts
✔️ Expressive colors
✔️ Amazing 3D logo design


20. Waltz Creative Agency (USA)

Waltz Package Design And Lead Generation Agency Minimalist Style Website

Services: Package Design, Lead Generation, Events

Waltz Creative Agency is not a typical marketing agency. They cover a lot of other areas, like graphic design, and can even organize events. When it comes to their website design, it’s really creative, uses rich colors, and big bold letters at the beginning of the landing page, and the waves add so many good vibes to the whole website.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Cursor dot with instructions
✔️ Left-to-right and then top-to-bottom structure
✔️ Journal page


21. Shadow Agency (USA)

Shadow PR and Media Relations Agency

Services: Influencer marketing, Content development, PR & Media relations

Shadow Agency focuses on communication with people and social interactions. Thus, it’s not a surprise that video content is present across the whole site. A dark theme and white letters are a classic move, while hover actions are an added bonus that we kinda liked. It’s a fascinating one-page website.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Smooth on-hover text color change
✔️ Vintage-looking photos and videos
✔️ One-page site structure.


22. Nation & James (UK)

Website of Digital Marketing Creative And Video Production Studio - Nation & James

Services: Creative, Video Production, Digital Marketing

Nation & James’s website shows a good knowledge of linear design. The landing page is structured and the dotted-pattern gradient background gives a sense of uniqueness. The numbered list also gives points in the UX department, while the menu dropdown list is also gorgeous.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Roadmap style
✔️ Dotted pattern
✔️ Contact page access


23. Flipp Advertising (Canada)

Flipp Real Estate Marketing and Advertising

Services: Social Media, Real Estate Marketing, PPC

Flipp Advertising’s website design loads with the logo on a black background which creates an expectation of a premium product. Design consistency and high-quality image choice give the agency a better brand image. The agency offers one very cool feature – an adjustable text box where you can select your needs, giving clients indirect messages about how they can customize their experiences.

What we love about this website:

✔️ High-profile vision
✔️ Design consistency
✔️ Cool adjustable text box


24. Engine Shop Agency (USA)

Engine Shop Gaming, E-Sports and Earned Media Agency Site

Services: Entertainment Marketing,  Gaming and E-sports, Earned Media

Engine Shop Agency uses very interesting concepts in its marketing website design. Apart from the main color combination – black/yellow/white, the background has a square pattern that looks like a coordinate system, and interactive text boxes that disappear after reaching the top of the screen.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Square-pattern background
✔️ Cursor effects
✔️ Amazing About Us page


25. The Keenfolks Digital Agency (Spain)

The Keenfolks Marketing Automation and AI Digital Agency Site

Services: Big Data & AI, Buyer Persona Identification, Marketing Automation

The Keenfolks Digital Agency is a global award winner, and it is evident from the landing page. An awesome linear design and original creative ideas (like “Keensights”) add more value to the already valuable services that Keenfolks are offering.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Linear Design
✔️ Our Team page
✔️ Digital Gap Management illustration


26. JYZ Design (Canada)

JYZ Email Marketing and Web Design Agency

Services: Website design, Digital marketing, Email marketing

JYZ Design relies heavily on using circles, half-circles, and quarter-circles. The color choice is amazing, as there are combinations not seen anywhere else. The website relies heavily on illustrations, including the team members’ profile pics. The blog section is impressive, as there are several topic categories people can choose from – great news from a UX point of view.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Circular design
✔️ Superb color palette
✔️ Fancy CTA buttons


27. Beans Digital Marketing (Ukraine)

Beans Digital Marketing and Analysis Agency

Services: Design, Marketing Management, Market Analysis

Beans Digital Marketing provides one of the most unique website experiences on the market. They focus on being creative and the 3D interactive beans add a lot of valuable branding points. There are a lot of use cases with long story videos, and the higher management is represented on the landing page in high-quality creative images.

What we love about this website:

✔️ The 3D beans
✔️ Team images
✔️ Original ideas throughout the whole site


28. Fishfinger Creative Agency (UK)

Fishfinger Package Design Agency

Services: Motion Design, Package Design, T-Shirt Design

Fishfinger offers a lot of marketing and advertising services but its main priority is graphic design. If you’re inspired by colorful motion illustrations and boxy layout design, you’ll surely find what you need here. Trusted by Nike, RIOT Games, and Red Bull, this agency has certainly earned its reputation for being creative. And the Meet The Team part is out-of-this-world creative.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Boxy layouts
✔️ Animated illustrations
✔️ About Us page


29. Amuse Bouche (Portugal)

Amuse Bouche Restaurant PR Media and Event Management Agency

Services: PR & Media, Event Management, Brand Activation

Amuse Bouche is an agency that focuses on promoting Portuguese cuisine and restaurants in front of the world. Their creative approach can be found in the website design, and we can even find a couple of animated knives when scrolling! And when you open the menu, the next thing you see is a knife-cut effect which is so cool to watch.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Premium feeling
✔️ Interesting effects
✔️ Great choice of fonts


30. Peanuts Creative Studio (Israel)

Peanuts Branding and Motion Design Studio

Services: Motion Design, Video Production, Branding

Peanuts Creative Studio offers a unique approach to brands – through motion design. And the website design is aligned with the corporate vision. It uses a lot of motion, including a peanut (the brand symbol) while perfectly incorporating the minimalistic design.

What we love about this website:

✔️ The slogan with 3 peanut emojis and “Contain Allergens.”
✔️ Design simplicity
✔️ Good use of motions


31. Wreel Collective (UK)

Wreel Collective Brand Position and Marketing Strategy Company

Services: UX/CX, Marketing Strategy, Brand Positioning

Wreel Collective is an exquisite agency that also uses black/red/white as the main colors. Bold headers, consistent design, and usage of high-quality photographs create a smooth and intuitive user experience across the whole site.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Mouse cursor hover effects
✔️ Bold headers
✔️ Upmarket user experience


32. Say Hey (Belgium)

Say Hey Content Marketint and Website Design Agency

Services: Content Marketing, Web Design, Strategy & Planning

Say Hey is a Belgian agency that utilizes heavily black & white colors but adds green. Their website design is heavily inspired by the minimalism trend. When scrolling on the landing page, you can find some case studies, as well as usage of circle shapes.

What we love about this website:

✔️ CTA box appears after the end of each menu
✔️ Strong brand appearance
✔️ Minimalistic design


33. Panic Studio (Latvia)

Panic Commercials and Explainer Videos Studio

Services: Commercials, Explainer Videos, Branded Content

Panic Studio definitely offers something different to its clients. The website design is full of hilarious illustrated animations, and even the team poses for a photo in a funny way. The portfolio of clients is vast and you can find names like Netflix, Microsoft, VW, Tommy Hilfiger, and other big brands.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Cool illustrations
✔️ Site speed considering the number of motion designs
✔️ Portfolio selection


34. TWKS (Switzerland)

TWKS Media Planning and Brand Strategy Agency

Services: Brand Strategy, Media Planning, 3D and Motion Design

TWKS successfully implements minimalism with high-quality images and bold headers. It’s the combination of moving visuals, Swiss simplicity, and modern bold texts that attracts clients like Bvlgari, Omega Watches, PEPSICO, and other high-profile Swiss names.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Seamless site flow
✔️ Different styles that match perfectly
✔️ Bold headers


35. Statement (USA)

Statement Copywriting and SEO Agency

Services: SEO, Copywriting, Explainer Videos

Statement has a very exciting website design and utilizes a lot of motion circles. There is a dotted-pattern background the fresh orange color makes the user interface playful. The logo is also quirky: “Let’s connect the dots.”

What we love about this website:

✔️ Concept with dots
✔️ Interesting motions
✔️ Fresh colors used in the design


36. Tiller Digital (Canada)

Tiller API Design and Copywriting Studio

Services: UX/UI Design, API Integrations, Copywriting

Tiller Digital has a minimalistic dark-theme design that utilizes all types of shapes – like rectangles, triangles, and circles. The company services are well-written and you can easily navigate through the website. While there are some 3D elements and cool illustrations, the UX is not overwhelming – in fact, it’s rather pleasant.

What we love about this website:

✔️ 3D illustrations
✔️ Balance between elements and texts
✔️ Each service has a dedicated page


37. Quadrate28 (Ukraine)

Quadrate28 Recruitment and Digital Marketing Agency

Services: Digital Marketing Services, Recruitment, Retail

Quadrate28 (or Q28) is an amazing offshore agency that offers a variety of services. What impresses us the most is the straightforward intuitive design which focuses on useful content, rather than images and illustrations. Minimalism can easily be spotted. If fast loading speed and simple design inspire you, then this is the perfect digital marketing website design example.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Telegram and WhatsApp buttons
✔️ Elegance in simplicity
✔️ Great choice of images


38. Foodie Marketing (Australia)

Foodie Marketing Photo and Video Production Studio

Services: Photo and Video Production, Digital Marketing, Digital Menu

Foodie Marketing focuses on the food and beverage industry exclusively. Tasty 3D illustrations are all over the place and the portfolio of HQ images only adds more credibility to this agency. It’s also easy to spot the CTA buttons which have a “bite” effect upon hovering.

What we love about this website:

✔️ 3D forms
✔️ Focus on a single industry
✔️ CTA buttons


39. Arrival Agency (UK)

Arrival PR and Ecommerce Agency

Services: Public Relations, E-Commerce, Print Design

High-quality videos in the website design are a double-edged sword, as they can affect performance. However, Arrival Agency has done a great job to ensure the website will look stylish, professional, and expensive!

What we love about this website:

✔️ Images are well positioned
✔️ Fast loading speeds
✔️ High-quality videos


40. Wildish & Co. (UK)

Wildish & Co. Digital Services and Creative Company

Services: Digital Services, Creative Campaigns, Branding

Wildish & Co. really stands out with great website design! While it’s a bit weird to get used to, some of the effects you’ll see here you won’t notice almost anywhere else. If you don’t trust us, just click on the hand and go around the screen. Nice, uh?

What we love about this website:

✔️ Logo spreads in an amazing fashion
✔️ Push button “explodes”
✔️ Lots of moving icons


41. Spice Marketing Agency (USA)

Spice Whitepaper Content Planning and Product Marketing Agency

Services: Product Marketing, Content Planning, Whitepapers

Spice Marketing Agency has an amazing minimalistic website design and it combines it with some great illustrations. Circle forms are dominant in the UI and the navbar is very straightforward, without many menus.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Design simplicity
✔️ Circle forms
✔️ Landing page quality


42. Web Fries Agency (India)

Web Fries Web and Mobile App Development Agency

Services: Mobile App Development, Website Development, Digital Marketing

Web Fries is an agency that offers a variety of solutions but what grabbed our attention is the variety of patterns used there. There is a lot, from the dotted background to 3D icons and simple illustrations! Another thing to mention is how well optimized the page is in terms of speed.

What we love about this website:

✔️ 3D elements
✔️ Variety of styles
✔️ Page load speed


43. Upcut Studio (Romania)

Upcut Content Marketing Studio

Services: Content Marketing

Upcut Studio perfectly utilizes a minimalistic user interface with lots of bullets. While there are some motion illustrations, the content is easy to scan and loads extremely quickly. On top of that, there are two very detailed case studies on the platform.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Bullet points simplify the content
✔️ Minimalistic forms
✔️ Insane loading speeds


44. MST Agency (Russia)

MST Game Development Studio

Services: Mobile App Development, UX/UI, Game Development

MST Agency has an amazing website design that boasts a lot of 3D elements, interesting effects, and a minimalistic design. The site is very well optimized and high-profile clients include Audi, Ikea, Panasonic, and other popular brands.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Unique concept
✔️ 3D shapes
✔️ Really smooth transitions


45. MaxBurst Digital Agency (USA)

MaxBurst Media Buying and Local Search Marketing Agency

Services: Local Search Marketing, Media Buying, Web Development

MaxBurst Digital Agency takes things to the next level with supreme user experience and even better use of the green color and its nuances. In fact, there are many things to like in MaxBurst’s design – starting from the roadmap, going through the clients and partners, and then the team with normal clothes and branded T-shirts appearing when you hover the mouse over the standard images.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Amazing use of gradient
✔️ Superb site structure
✔️ Great portfolio page


46. Olifant Digital (Bulgaria)

Olifant Digital Amazon Marketing and Google Ads Agency

Services: Amazon Marketing, Google Ads, Email Marketing

Olifant Digital optimizes strategies for clients but its website design plays a crucial role in targeting new customers. They offer a free marketing plan which is a lead generation tool, and the roadmap with services is well explained. The simple 2D illustrations deliver a stylish but not over-the-top UI.

What we love about this website:

✔️ Simple forms
✔️ Well-explained services
✔️ Use cases available


47. eDesign Interactive (Bulgaria)

Amazing Example of Website - eDesign Copywriting and Graphic Design Agency

Services: Graphic Design, Copywriting, 3D animations

eDesign Interactive uses a lot of motion 3D designs and lines in the user interface. When you scroll down, the first thing you see is the brand’s portfolio, which is a bold move. The services are well explained and if you see the client list, you’ll quickly realize how professional they work.

What we love about this website:

✔️ 3D forms
✔️ Lots of case studies
✔️ Elegant user interface


Final words

If you need inspiration and you’re not sure what to do next, these marketing website design examples might help. While every agency offers distinct products and has a different target audience, more likely than not a good idea can inspire people from many niches and even industries.

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