How to Make a Logo: Video Tutorials & Tips for the Perfect Logo

How to Make a Logo Video Tutorials and Tips

Want to learn how to make a logo? These useful video tutorials and tips will quickly get you there!

Logo design is surely the most important element of branding identity. That’s why learning how to make a logo design that is functional and effective is not a process that happens within a day or two. Luckily, we live in the era of free information. With a little bit more effort and the right assets, you can speed up this process and become a master in logo design in no time. The effort part is on you, and with this collection, we got you covered for the assets part. Ready to begin?

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How to make a logo: Before you start

If you are making your first steps in logo design, there are many essential steps you need to take first and things to learn that will set a strong knowledge foundation on which to build on. We’ve chosen several videos that are extremely useful and informative for beginners in logo design. Sit comfortably and take notes if needed – these videos are surely the first stop to a successful career in logo design.

Mastering Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

User level: Beginners

A great course extremely useful for beginners in Illustrators. This tutorial will help you create an attractive logo even if you’ve never used Illustrator before. It starts with an introduction to Adobe Illustrator – how the basic shapes, line tools, and colors work, how to work with the pencil tool, selection tools, pathfinder tool, and even more tools in the software. Then, the video continues with the actual tutorial. Described by users as extremely useful, this course is certainly a starting point if you are making your first steps in logo design.


The Logo Design Process From Start To Finish

User level: Beginners

A very interesting video introducing the whole process of creating a logo – starting from the client inquiry and finishing with the final result. The video covers points such as understanding the client requirements, sketching and generating ideas, clearing up your concept, vectorizing the concept, choosing fonts and color palettes, finishing touches, and presenting the design to the client. Absolutely a must-watch for beginners who want to understand how logo designers start and complete their projects.


How to Design a Logo – Full Identity Design Course

User level: Beginners

A very comprehensive course that will give you the foundation of logo design and building a visual brand identity. The course is 3 hours long and is an absolute gem for beginners – it takes you through both the theoretical and practical side of logo design.


How to make a logo: Practice and learn

Okay, you have the theory and some practice, now it’s time for… even more practice. Wise people have said it – excellence is the habit of practice. Here are several practical video tutorials that will teach you different techniques to create logo design.

How to Design a Logo with the Golden Ratio

User level: Intermediate

A practical tutorial that will teach you how to make a logo design by using the golden ratio. The golden ratio is a popular concept in design which is believed to bring harmony and visual aesthetics to the piece. This tutorial will teach you how to use the golden ratio to create logos and will practically take you through the process step-by-step.


Turn Photos Into Logos with GIMP

User level: Intermediate

An interesting tutorial that will be useful to logo designers of all levels. This tutorial will show you how to trace over an object in order to create a logo out of it. The tutorial is made with a hand photo. The principle of the method can be applied to any other object and used in any other professional graphic editing software.


Minimal Logo Design Illustrator Logo Tutorial

User level: Intermediate

A quick tutorial for people who are well familiar with Illustrator. The tutorial will take you step by step through the process of creating a minimalist logo. This style is a total hit right now, so if you are after a career in logo design, you will find this video useful.


Illustrator Beginner Tutorial: Simple Letter Logos

User level: Beginners/Intermediate

Letter logos are among the preferred types of logo design. This tutorial will teach you how to create an eye-catching and modern letter logo design. The tutorial is narrated and suitable for beginners and intermediate users.


Tutorial Neon Stroke Logo Design – Photoshop CC

User level: Beginners/Intermediate

A tutorial of a cool logo design made in Photoshop CC. This tutorial will teach you how to create a neon shining effect on a logo. The tutorial is narrated and suitable for users of beginner and intermediate levels.


How to make a logo: Little tips for big results

Even if you have certain experience in logo design, you can always upgrade your knowledge. It’s extremely important to keep on learning in order to keep improving yourself. This collection of videos includes tips and insights that will help you master your logo design skills.

5 Mind-Blowing Logo Design Tips

User level: Intermediate

An insightful video that will give you 5 invaluable tips about logo design. Suitable for users of all levels, this video will help you gain a better perspective of logo design and help you become a better logo designer yourself.


How To Find Logo Design Ideas

User level: Beginners

If you are headed to a career in logo design, then not only the practical work matters. You need to learn how to generate ideas that give results. In the following video, you will get insight into the process of generating effective logo ideas from the moment you receive a brief from your client. You will also learn how to communicate with the client in order to understand their vision and needs.


Top 5 Common Mistakes in Logo Design

User level: Beginners

An insightful video that gives valuable advice about the most common mistakes in logo design. Some of the mistakes are from the perspective of the brand identity, others cause functionality issues. Not all of these mistakes are made by beginners, so this video will be useful even if you have certain experience in logo design already.


Negative Space Logos: Secrets, Theories, Techniques

User level: Intermediate

From this video, you will learn why to use negative space logo design and what makes it so effective, the types of negative space logos since logos design can utilize negative space in different ways. Finally, you will receive tips on how to generate your own negative space logo designs.


3 Principles to Improve Your Logo Design Process – Legibility, Hierarchy, and Contrast

User level: Intermediate

A very interesting video that shows you how to apply critical thinking to logo design. The video gives various examples of logos, followed by a quick analysis and tips on how to improve each design.


To conclude,

Learning how to make a logo design is not an easy task but completely doable if you have the motivation, determination, and of course – the right assets to get there. We hope we’ve been useful with this collection of tips and tutorials on logo design. If you want to improve your design skills and knowledge even more, have a look at these useful articles, as well:

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