Outline Vectors: Top 5 Reasons Why Businesses Love Them

Learn why outline vectors are the preferred style of illustrations and why they are most suitable for business and marketing purposes.

Outline Vectors and why Business loves them

Outline vectors are widely used in the modern business world. Whether in the form of icons, illustrations, or cartoon characters, businesses use this artistic style as a highly valuable asset in their marketing needs. Today we’ll talk about why outline vectors are the preferred style of illustrations and which are the top 5 reasons businesses choose outline vectors every time.

1. Outline vectors look professional.

outline cartoon character with sunglasses thumbs up graphicmama

There is this common misconception that cartoon characters are created only for projects whose target audience are… kids. This is barely the truth. Yes, cartoon characters influence children incredibly well: they are lovable, cute and appealing. However, what most people miss is that cartoon characters influence adults in the exact same way.

Before you scratch out the fictional drawn fellas out of the picture, think twice because you’ll be missing on all the proven wonders cartoon characters can do for your business. (Learn more: How to boost your business by using cartoon characters.)

Still having doubts about cartoon characters looking too childish for your business? Here is the solution. Start with outline and see how your audience responds. Outline cartoon characters have minimalist shape, only essential details, very few or none colors, and moreover – they can present a concept in an elegant, professional way that complements your message and overall, favors your business.

2. They fit everywhere.

outline cartoon character peeking happy graphicmamaOutline cartoon characters have an incredibly adaptive design. This makes them more versatile than any other style of character. You can literally use them everywhere!

Whether digital or prints designs, outline vectors can serve a wide variety of purposes. Their simplistic illustrative technique makes outline cartoon characters suitable for all kinds of projects. Unlike complex characters which usually require simple backgrounds so they can fit well, outline vectors are the opposite of complexity. They are multifunctional and go along with any design.

Another benefit is, colors aren’t an issue. These characters usually lack colors, or have one accenting color which can easily be changed or removed.

3. They are expressive at all sizes.

First of all, outline vectors including cartoon characters are drawn in clean, minimalist shapes which makes them incredibly expressive even if smaller. The purpose for keeping it low on the details is to make these type of cartoon easily distinguished. The viewer can effortlessly recognize the expression of the character and what it conveys even if zoomed out. The drawing itself doesn’t require much time for analyzing. You simply see it and you get what it “tells” you.

graphicmama outline vectors cartoon characters pointing

Secondly, the silhouette plays a major role for their expressiveness. This means outline cartoon character are designed in a way that their silhouette also “speaks” and manages to convey the message.

graphicmama outline cartoon character silhouette

4. Outline vectors don’t steal the spotlight.

The cartoon characters’ job is to help you get your message across, not steal the spotlight. Unlike other cartoon styles which may draw too much attention with multiple colors, gradients, highly detailed elements and effects, outline vectors draw just the right amount of attention.

Outline vectors are minimalist enough to elegantly complement your content, whether written or visual. Still powerful enough to get noticed and direct the user’s attention to the important message. The nature of this technique doesn’t require much time pondering over the design. Usually, the viewer gets the point instantly and moves on.

outline cartoon character waving smiling5. It’s easy to push the boundaries.

Outline cartoon character easily break the rules of anatomy. They are flexible enough to allow you experiment with their shapes and proportions. You can exaggerate certain features without losing the aesthetics.

Take for instance this outline cartoon character on the right. His left hand is drawn bigger so it highlights the greeting, while his right hand stays proportional to his body. This technique is quite common when you want to put an accent on a certain characteristic, so you can convey your message better. Exaggerating helps you make a point.

And these are just the first 5 reasons…

…that make outline vectors such a preferable and wanted illustrative style. There are numerous reasons more that make all cartoon characters a powerful tool that can win your audience over your side and boost your sales. If you have any thoughts on the subject, we’d love to hear them in the comments below.

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