This Holiday GraphicMama is Giving Credits Away

It’s GraphicMama’s first Christmas! Our whole team is as excited as children waiting for Santa Claus to come through the chimney in the middle of the night and leave them presents under the Christmas tree. The time to be happy is now and that’s why we want to make you even happier!

The closer this heart-warming holiday approaches, the more impatient we are to reveal our big surprise to you. Christmas is the season of giving and the time to create meaningful family moments. Since here in GraphicMama we consider all of you a part of our big family, we wanted to make this wonderful time of the year even more special for you.


santaGraphicMama is taking over Santa Claus’s role to come early and leave all of you special gifts in your accounts!

We hope we got your excitement up because we are giving free credits to all of you, our users and clients, to help you spread joy, happiness and creativity this season. Don’t look under the Christmas tree but check out your email inbox (or spam folder) instead to unwrap your gift.  


Be blessed and have a wonderfully warm Christmas time with your family. Let us all welcome 2017 loaded with more energy and imaginative ideas. The whole GraphicMama team wishes you to have very happy holidays!

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Momchil Karamitev

Momchil is a dedicated graphic designer at GraphicMama who crafts all needed imagery for the blog. In between projects, he loves to read about the latest design trends and learn new design tips and tricks.

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