20 Beautiful Isometric & 3D Illustrations For Your Designs: Free and Paid

isometric and 3d illustrations

Undoubtedly, 3D is a style that easily catches the eye – whether used in web design, posters, or banners, 3D always manages to impress and make the viewer immerse in the depth that the style creates. In today’s collection, we’ve included 20 super attractive 3D illustrations and cartoon characters that can be used for all kinds of projects and purposes. In the selection, you will find free and paid options, so no matter what your budget is, you can always impress with well-crafted illustrations. Let’s begin!


artificial intelligence illustration template

3 Free 3D Robot Illustrations

A set of 3 free illustrations made in a 3D style depicting a chatbot, conversation balloons, and smartphones. They can be used as a part of the banner design or separately.

Free Download


working space isometric futuristic concept

Free Futuristic Isometric Illustration

A set of free 3D illustrations in an isometric style and modern colors. The illustrations depict a futuristic workspace. They can be used as a part of a website homepage or separately.

Free Download


Free 3D school Icons bundle

Free 3D School Icons

A collection of 12 free school icons designed in 3D style. Available as transparent Png files. Great for all kinds of school-related projects.

Free Download

Free 3D present Icons bundle

Free 3D Present Icons

A free set of 12 presents and gifts in 3D style. Available as transparent Png files. They are perfect for promotional and marketing purposes.

Free Download


casual man with glasses 3d vector cartoon character

3D Cartoon Character in 112 Poses

An artist cartoon character illustrated in a modern 3D style. This casual character is suitable for various creative professions and comes in a variety of 112 different poses: conceptual, emotional, and poses with backgrounds.

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creative team isometric illustration

Free Isometric Teamwork Illustration

An isometric 3D illustration depicting a creative team collaborating and working in the office. Absolutely free to download.

Free Download


set 3d flat isometric illustrations

Free Medical Illustration in Isometric Style

A set of 4 isometric illustrations of a medical theme. These free illustrations depict different examinations and medical procedures.

Free Download


office workplace isometric vector illustration

Working Space Free 3D Isometric Style Illustration

An illustration of an open-space cubicle office depicting people working at their desks. Illustrated in a 3D isometric style and free to download.

Free Download


cute vector 3d girl character design

112 Graphics of Business Girl in 3D Style

A cute business girl with a tie illustrated in a 3D imitating style. This charming girl character is suitable for business and finance projects. She can be downloaded as a bundle of 112 different poses – perfect for different concepts.

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climbing 4 3d icons square banner

Free 3D Style Outdoor Illustrations

A set of free illustrations and graphics made in a 3D imitating style. These free illustrations in vector format depict mountain climbing, equipment, camping, and hiking.

Free Download


business finance balance illustration

Futuristic Style 3D Business Illustrations

A bundle of 3D vector illustrations presented in isometric style. These illustrations are suitable for depicting finances, audits, taxes, financial balances, and more.

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startup landing page isometric design

Free Startup Illustration Landing Page in Isometric Style

A free landing page design with an eye-pleasing 3D illustration depicting a startup concept. This free vector illustration can be used separately, as well.

Free Download


online banking illustration 3d isometric free vector

Free Modern Isometric Delivery Illustration

A free bank-themed illustration in a 3D isometric style. This free illustration comes in a vector file format and includes various bank-related items.

Free Download


marketing trends isometric

Futuristic Illustrations in 3D Isometric Style

A set of 6 3D isometric illustrations depicting various fields of marketing. The illustrations represent chatbot marketing, voice marketing, voice search, mobile-first marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing.

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cute blonde girl in jeans cartoon vector 3d character

Cute Blonde Cartoon Character – 112 Poses Set

A cute blonde 3D cartoon character woman illustrated in a Popeye style. This attractive 3D girl character is dressed in casual clothes. Available in over 100 poses that convey emotions, concepts, and more.

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encrypted network isometric

Free Isometric Illustration for Security and Network

An attractive free 3D isometric illustration portraying an encrypted network. The free illustration includes a laptop, a cloud space, a phone, credit cards, etc.

Free Download


business startup cooperation support isometric

3D Isometric Illustration with Rocket Launch

A free 3D illustration of a rocket launching that depicts a startup project. The illustration can be used as a part of the landing page design or separately.

Free Download


businessman with goatie cartoon 3d vector character

Charming Businessman Cartoon in 3D Style – 112 Illustrations

A funny businessman cartoon character designed in a 3D style. This chubby businessman has a modern goatee and a tie and can perfectly fit into your business-related designs. Available in a diversity of 112 different poses.

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low polygonal geometric nature islands vector illustration

Set of 4 Low Poly 3D Nature Graphics

A set of geometric nature islands illustrated in a low-poly style. These 4 futuristic island illustrations are the perfect background for brochures and posters.

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mr bubbles 3d illustration sticker

Free Smiling Cartoon Character in 3D Style

A completely free 3D vector cartoon character sticker. The character is illustrated with a trendy pink beard and waving at the audience.

Free Download


3d illustration young business woman emma with rocket on a white background business concept

Beautiful Girl with Rocket 3D Graphic

An attractive 3D illustration of a blonde businesswoman sitting on a red rocket and waving. Perfect for conveying business and startup concepts.

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school characters vector illustration set education

6 Vector 3D Items as Character Illustrations

A set of school items transformed as cute 3D vector characters. The bundle includes a pen, a brush, a ruler, a book, a notebook, and a pen cartoon character – all smiling and ready to join you in your school projects.

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man with big beard cartoon 3d vector character

Abstract 3D Cartoon Character – 112 Graphics

A rounded man with a beard is illustrated in a modern 3D style by using trendy color combinations and gradients. This chubby 3D guy comes in a variety of 112 poses showing various emotions, holding objects, presenting, etc.

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We hope you enjoyed this collection of free and paid 3D illustrations – all in fully editable vector formats. The 3D illustrations will certainly make your designs pop even literally, so don’t be afraid to experiment. The result may amaze you and your audience.

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