5 Superpowers of a Cartoon Character

5 Superpowers of a Cartoon Character

Ever wondered why professionals often use a cartoon character design to present a new product, as a commercial protagonist, as a face of their websites, or even as a storyteller in their presentations? The examples are endless so there must be something special about these fictional drawn people that make them a preferred choice for many marketers. Today we will reveal not one but 5 unique superpowers any great cartoon character design possesses. Excited? Here we go!

superpowers_11. Appeals to a Really Broad Audience

Most people simply like cartoons. Regardless of age, gender, or nationality, a cartoon character can way more effortlessly and quickly appeal to your audience in comparison to a human representative. Most marketers are well familiar with this phenomenon and take advantage of it by speaking their brand message through a cartoon. As result, they get the attention of a bigger portion of their viewers, indeed.

If we got you puzzled by this fact, here is the explanation. Even without realizing it, people have a deep affection for cartoons nested in their minds since childhood. Our brains have been somehow programmed to love cartoons. This is why we get easily influenced by one, even as adults. If this ain’t a real superpower in the competitive brand environment we live in, what is?



superpower_22. Puts Your Audience at Ease

No matter if you have to bring out a sensitive subject, explain a complex concept, motivate a difficult employee, or simply break the ice, a cartoon character design could be your most valuable asset in defusing the tension and putting your audience at ease. This classifies as a superpower number 2 and here is why.

Cartoons make us feel happier in general. They bring out good memories of childhood’s carefree life. These associations influence our behavior and attitude of the moment without affecting our critical thinking and decision-making capabilities. The presence of a cartoon simply boosts our moods, makes us lower our guards, and become more willing to perceive important, sensitive, complex, or even boring information. So, the next time you have to communicate a tough message, throw in a cartoon. You may be surprised by the result.


superpower_33. Connects on a Deeper Level

It is one thing to get the attention of your audience and a whole other thing to make them act the way you want them to. The way people behave is a complex subject. However, most of our decisions and actions are driven by our emotions even if we don’t realize it. Here comes a superpower number 3.

A cartoon character can easily tap into your viewers’ deepest emotions. By making your fictional guy reflect your audience’s behavior, habits, and problems, you will be able to influence them on a subconscious level. This is why quite often marketers use a clever cartoon character design as a tool to form a strong customer-brand relationship. By touching deep emotions, they make their target audience feel identified with their brand character’s appearance and lifestyle. Even more, they achieve to make them loyal.

Having your cartoon character look and act like your audience will help you strike just the right emotional chords and then easily trigger the desired action, too. Here is food for thought while you plan your next marketing activity.


superpower_44. Conveys the Message in Seconds

It’s so much easier to assimilate information presented in a visual form rather than in writing. People say “A picture is worth a thousand words” with a good reason. Our brains have developed the ability to grasp visual messages hundreds of centuries before literacy became the norm. Marketers often use this technique to make their messages instantly absorbable. The way a cartoon character design is presented can speak out your whole concept… in seconds!

Your audience might not always read your message but if you use a cartoon character to picture your point, they will grasp your message every time without exception. A cartoon character is especially useful if your product or presentation is meant for an international audience including many non-native speakers. Your fictional guy will help your concept reach out to almost everyone in a matter of seconds and will also make your written content more comprehensible. Undeniably, this classifies as a superpower number 4. Agreed?


superpower_55. Makes Your Content Highly Shareable

The purpose of any marketing effort is to eventually improve your sales performance. Every marketer knows that achieving this goal requires reaching out to as many people as possible. Using a good cartoon character design in your marketing campaigns, blog articles, social media posts, etc. as a form of visual asset supporting your message, can help you increase your shares and overall customer engagement. Here comes superpower number 5.

A cartoon character can make your content way more shareable. It works in favor of increasing engagement and contributes to achieving your desired business goals. But how exactly does a cartoon guy provoke shares?

People share what excites them, what moves them, what makes them laugh… Generally, everything that triggers an emotion stands a chance of being shared. Now, remember what superpower 3 was about. Cartoon characters are a highly effective tool for evoking emotions, therefore making them one of the mightiest techniques for boosting your content shares. So, why not give it a shot?

Turned out,

A well-designed cartoon character actually possesses numerous superpowers that any human spokesman would hardly compete with. We gave you whole five powerful reasons to go for a cartoon character design in your next project or campaign. Now, it’s up to you to play your cards well, so good luck!


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