Vector Cartoon Character Ultimate Pack by GraphicMama: from A to Z

Learn how to choose the right ultimate pack for your design needs, what is included inside, how to use it, and more useful info.

Vector Cartoon Character Ultimate Pack by GraphicMama: from A to Z

Update July 2018: At GraphicMama, all vector cartoon characters come in ultimate packs: zip files that include all poses and symbol libraries of your chosen character.

By downloading any vector cartoon character ultimate pack, you get the chosen cartoon character, along with all of its poses, in a layered vector source file.Ai, as well as .Eps, .Png, and .Pdf file formats. But let’s see some of the most common questions we receive regarding the vector cartoon character ultimate packs.


Our collection of vector cartoon characters includes:

GraphicMama’s vector cartoon characters are easily editable, customizable, and fully adaptable to your specific design, whether print or web). E.g., you can change the character’s colors, scale it up and down, create your own pose, and whatever else your project might require or… we can do it for you.


How to choose the right ultimate pack?

Every project requires a specific character. Luckily for you, there are over 500 opportunities to choose from! With so many amazing cartoon characters, identifying the right cartoon character might be a little confusing. Here is what you can do.

Use the search field

The search feature is available on the homepage, as well as on each inner page in the top right. This function lets you identify the perfect character for your project quickly and easily. Simply type your keyword, select “Vector Cartoon Character” from the drop-down menu and click Enter. Here is an example.

The search engine loads up all ultimate packs that match your keyword. You can browse all results as they are or specify your requirements even more.

E.g., we added the keyword “woman” next to “doctors”. Now all the results that we see are ultimate packs of women doctors vector cartoon characters.

Use the navigation

There is a handy navigation on the left which includes some of the most popular categories of cartoon characters. Simply click on the preferred category to filter your search results.


How to buy graphics?

Once you’ve picked your favorite character, you will see that you have an opportunity to buy the whole ultimate pack or separate poses with credits. So in order to buy your preferred ultimate pack, first you will have to load up your account with credits. Why credits?

  • Volume discounts: The more credits you buy, the bigger the discount per credit.
  • Download as you go: You load up your account with credits once and you download graphics whenever and wherever you need them.
  • No subscriptions: You won’t be charged monthly, or annually. You buy credits when you need them.
  • Custom credits: You can buy exactly as many credits as you need.
You can buy separate graphics (poses/fragments)

Each ultimate pack contains a huge variety of poses. If you don’t need the whole ultimate pack, you can download simply one or two graphics by selecting your preferred character poses and clicking on “Buy This Graphic”.

Some graphics come for free

Yes, indeed! There are free vector graphics in most of our ultimate packs to help you get an idea of how the character will fit into your project. You can easily find the free vector graphics by typing “free” in the search field. Then, directly download these free vector graphics by clicking on the fragment and then, on “Download Now”.

You can buy the whole ultimate pack

And of course, you can download the whole ultimate pack with all poses and a symbol library by clicking on the “Buy This Ultimate Pack” button.

 Or you can order a custom vector character

If there is something you want to change about the character (add clothing, change appearance, etc.) or order a completely new character, we are available to design the character of your dreams! You can order an ultimate pack or simply a few poses. It’s completely up to you. Learn more by following the link in the grey area that says “Or you can order a custom character. Click here!”


Which license to choose?

Before purchasing a vector cartoon character ultimate pack, you will notice that you can choose from 3 different license types:

Standard License


  • only you can use the source files;
  • personal and commercial use;
  • unlimited projects for unlimited clients;


  • you can’t provide the source files to anyone else;
  • merchandising/reselling is not allowed;
  • you cannot trademark the products;
Team License


  • you and your team can use the source files;
  • personal and commercial use;
  • unlimited projects for unlimited clients;


  • you can’t provide the source files to third parties;
  • merchandising/reselling is not allowed;
  • you cannot trademark the products;
Physical Product License


  • merchandising is allowed for physical products, i.e. you can print the graphics on mugs, T-shirts, etc. and put them for mass sale;
  • unlimited projects for unlimited clients;


  • you can’t provide the source files to third parties, nor resell the graphics digitally even if they are a part of the design;
  • you cannot trademark the products;

When it comes to a custom cartoon character ultimate pack, each case is different. E.g. if you order an alteration to an existing character, GraphicMama would still own the right to the final design. However, if you order a completely new cartoon character design with a brand new concept, then all rights are transferred to you. When in doubt, simply ask us.


What is included in the ultimate pack?

Once you download a vector cartoon character ultimate pack, you will get a .ZIP file which you will have to unzip before usage. Here is how your unzipped folder looks.

unzipped folder from complete set

The ultimate pack you have just unzipped includes several folders and files, as follows:

  • a folder with .EPS files;
  • a folder with .PDF files;
  • a folder with .PNG files;
  • vector source .Ai files;
  • .Ai and .EPS symbol library files.

Here is what the folder with PNG files looks like:

pngs from complete folder

There are a few vector source .Ai files grouped by topic:

  • conceptual poses
  • emotional poses
  • presentational poses
  • poses with backgrounds

Here is how an .Ai file looks when opened in Adobe Illustrator.

ai set from complete set


And then there is the symbol library. In the symbol library, all individual elements from which the character is built, are organized and grouped, so you can easily create new poses and edit different elements of the cartoon character. Once loaded in Adobe Illustrator, your symbol library will look like this:

symbol-library from complete set


How to use the ultimate pack?

Now that you have the ultimate pack in your hands, the design possibilities ahead of you are unlimited. Let’s remind you why each vector cartoon character ultimate pack is a good solution for your design needs.

  • All graphics come in a vector file format, so you won’t lose quality. No matter how much you scale them, you always get a crisp clear graphic.
  • You can change the colors in just a few minutes.
  • You can create new character poses. Although most of our ultimate packs contain over 100 poses, sometimes you need some extra poses. By using elements from the symbol library, you can mix and match different parts of the character to create your very own poses for your specific design needs.

The opportunities to use GraphicMama’s vector cartoon characters are so many we can’t even list them all. Here are some of the most popular fields of application:

  1. for learning and education: use in school, college, campus, and university projects, e-learning programs, interactive training, courses, etc.;
  2. for marketing: use in ads, banners, flyers, business cards, posters, bi-fold brochures, tri-fold brochures, etc.;
  3. for presentations: use in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and other software for presentations;
  4. for videos: use in explainer videos, 2D animations, as puppets for Adobe Character Animator for explainer videos, live animations, and Livestream animations;
  5. for print products: wall decorations, pillows, mugs, caps, T-shirts, bags, phone cases, souvenirs, packaging, etc.
  6. and many more opportunities!


We hope our explanation was helpful and gave you an idea of how to use the ultimate pack to its full potential. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop us a line – we will be glad to help!

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