Top 25 Teaching Blogs To Help Your Educational Process

Blogs by teachers for teachers, resources, tips, ideas, support and much more.

Top 25 Teaching Blogs To Help Your Educational Process

Teaching blogs are some of the top blogs around today, full of advice, support, and understanding, written by teachers for teachers. Add a more than fair share of humor, some excellent ideas, and often free resources and you can see why teacher’s blogs are so popular. At a time when perhaps you don’t have the day-to-day support system of colleagues and are learning new teaching styles and techniques blogs are often a quick way of finding information that can help you in so many ways. And there are lots and lots of them, so many you’d be surprised they find the time. Up to date and relevant with additional links, teachers around the world are helping each other.

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Here are 25 top teacher’s blogs from general to subject or age-specific, that we think are worth their weight in gold. Check them out.


Teach Junkie teaching blog

1. Teach Junkie

For: All teachers

A comprehensive website and blog (used to be teaching blog addict) dedicated to all teachers and educators who want a general one-stop shop for all the best education blogs and resources on the Web. Posts are arranged by categories, so teachers looking for ideas in a certain subject can find content quickly and easily.

Key features:

  • Free Resources
  • Activities
  • Ideas


Cool Cat Teacher teaching blog

2. Cool Cat Teacher

For: All teachers, emphasis on using technology to teach

A deservedly award-winning teaching blog with masses of useful teaching tools and an emphasis on how to utilize new technology to aid learning. Cool Cat is an American teacher and author, with years of classroom experience in The Captivating Teacher Manifesto. The Cool Cat Teacher Blog gives all teachers practical advice, ideas, and inspiration.

Key Features:

  • Podcast
  • Advice & support
  • Free downloads


Speed Of Creativity Teaching Blog

3.  Speed Of Creativity Teaching Blog

For: All educators interested in using multimedia and technology to aid learning

A blog by the well-known author and speaker Wesley Fryer.  Key topics are digital storytelling, creativity in multimedia, and technology integration in education. Many of his presentations, handouts, and other materials are available to read and download from the linked website for free.

Key Features:

  • YouTube Channel
  • Video Tutorials
  • Workshops


Free Tech 4 Teachers educational blog

4. Free Tech 4 Teachers

For: All teachers interested in using technology to teach

A resource-rich, award-winning site from former Social Studies Teacher Richard Byrne. A huge archive of material and posts from all kinds of educators, in all kinds of classrooms,  all over the world, there are over 60,000 subscribers.

Key Features

  • Huge archive of material
  • Tools and tips for teaching
  • Up to date material


Learning Is Messy Teaching Blog

5. Learning Is Messy Teaching Blog

For: Teachers interested in alternative learning styles in STEM

Teacher and blog author Brian Crosby specializes in “at-risk” students. The blog is a forum sharing his ideas for learning in a personal style and encouraging other teachers to understand non-linear learning.  It hasn’t been updated recently but many of the issues covered at timeless.

Key features

  • STEM lessons and activities
  • Links to presentations
  • Examples of student’s work and videos


Wabisabi Learning teaching blog

6. Wabisabi Learning

For: Educationalists interested in learning styles, critical thinking, mindfulness, etc.

All things education-related in this regularly updated site. Less a blog than a full-on resource and articles site, and paid for learning programs.

Key Features

  • Resource downloads (paid)
  • Regularly updated topic sections


Elearn Queen Teaching Blog

7. Elearn Queen

For: Teachers interesting in remote/distance online learning

An entertaining focus on distance learning, e-course design, and social/psychological issues surrounding the online education process. from Susan Smith – the self-styled Queen’s assistant of E-Learning. (you are the Queen)

Key Features

  • Regular updates
  • Practical tips and guides
  • Humor


Edutopia Teaching Blog

8. Edutopia Teaching Blog

For: Innovative Teachers

The education blog from the Educational foundation Edutopia comes up frequently when searching the Web for anything innovative in education. The aim of the foundation is to keep education moving forward and at the cutting edge of the discussion. You’ll find videos, blogs, and up-to-date articles on the latest tools for educators, spanning all topics from numerous contributors.

Key Features

  • Videos
  • Up to date articles
  • Topic searches (A-Z)


Schrock Guide School Teaching Blog for

9. Schrock Guide

For: All teachers in search of resources and ideas on technology issues

Kathy Schrock has put together an impressive array of technology resources over her years as an educational technologist. Her blog has not only her own articles but also a list of her own recommended education blogs. Her website is fantastically well-organized, list of resources just waiting for you. You’ll find something you need here for sure.

Key features

  • Resources
  • Ideas
  • Tips


The Kindergarten Connection Teaching Blog

10. The Kindergarten Connection

For: Young learner teachers and parents, not only kindergarten, despite the name

Not only great blog articles but also a great specialist site for all Kindergarten level resources, sometimes paid but including free printables. This site’s aimed at teachers, homeschoolers, and parents alike. While Kindergarten is their forte, there are loads of learning activities for preschool and first-graders available.

Key features

  • Free Resources
  • Blog articles
  • Activity ideas
  • Weekly free activity
  • Chat function for any questions


Resourceaholic Teachers Blog

11. Resourceaholic

For: Secondary School maths teachers

Great ideas and resources for maths/math teachers out there by maths teachers out there.  Updated weekly this award-winning blog is brilliantly organized into topics and subtopics of the math curriculum.

Key features

  • A huge number of resources
  • Separation of topics
  • Ideas and activities
  • Up to date Real issues blog


Art Is Basic Educational Blog

11. Art Is Basic

For: Art teachers & Parents

American teacher Marcia Beckett from Wisconsin and over 8-years of experience with this blog. The ideas are presented as grade suitable or into art categories for projects such as painting, drawing, clay, etc. There are also tips for the art teacher.

Key Features:

  • Ideas
  • Tips


123 Home School 4 Me Blog for Teachers

12. 123 Home School 4 Me

For: Homeschoolers, parents, and teachers

Beth Gordan has over 100,000 pages of learning activities. Including over 200,000 free worksheets. An ideal resource hub for teachers, homeschoolers, and parents. There are also recipes, links to other sites such as virtual field trips, and tips and ideas.

Key Features:

  • Resources -by grade or subject
  • Homeschooling Tips
  • Ideas and Activities


Free Home School Deals Blog for Teaching

13. Free Home School Deals

For: Home Schoolers, parents, and teachers

A blog and site with quite literally everything you need for great homeschooling. Free education resources, printables, downloads, themed lists, and subject/grade categorization for all levels and schools. It’s a massive hub of resources from teachers and educationalists around the world. If the resources aren’t enough, you can add information services on Educational apps, homeschooling meals, and homeschooling costs plus more besides.

Key Features:

  • Enormous resource hub -subject and grade
  • Information
  • Tips and ideas
  • Inspiration


Mrs Mactivity Teaching Blog

15. Mrs Mactivity Teaching Blog

For: Primary/Elementary teachers and parents

A paid-for subscription site with a free sample option that has a fantastic selection of learning resources for parents and teachers to download and print, with new resources uploaded every week. An entire collection of Key Stage 1 and 2 resources, categorized by subject and fulfilling national curriculum objectives.

Key Features:

  • A huge number of resources
  • Assessments
  • Sats resources
  • Maths and Phonetics schemes


The PE Geek Teaching Blog

16. The PE Geek Teaching Blog

For: PE teachers using technology

Jarrod Robinson is a PE teacher from Victoria, Australia who writes about using technology to engage physical education students. An interesting angle using interviews with PE teachers and experts across the globe who are innovative including webinars, videos, and downloadables

Key Features:

  • Top class articles
  • Expert Tips and information
  • Online workshops


Teacher Toolkit Blog

17. Teacher Toolkit

For: All teachers

The Most Influential Blog on Education in the UK. This website is run by Ross McGill, an award-winning deputy headteacher working in North London. One of the most popular blogs on the web, he writes about everything from leadership habits to keeping safe on social media. Add to this resources (sometimes free) lessons plans, podcasts, webinars, and more.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive
  • Great resources
  • Lessons plans


Hands As We Grow Teaching Blog

18. Hands As We Grow Teaching Blog

For: Parents and Teachers looking for Craft Activities

Hands On As We Grow is a blog all about learning to do hands-on activities with your kids from toddlers through Primary School.  Jamie shares a lot of practical, easy activities, and sneaks in learning opportunities whenever she can. You’ll find crafts, art projects, gross motor activities, and fine motor activities regularly on the blog. Regular posts and updates. Monthly or yearly subscription.

Key Features:

  • Practical ideas and activities
  • Free Inspiration
  • Great articles


The Nerdy Teacher Blog

19. The Nerdy Teacher

For: Teachers using technology in the classroom

An Educational Technology Blog that focuses on integrating tech into the classroom. A true blog that has an archive of nearly 1000 articles dating back to 2010.

Key Features:

  • Technology in education type articles
  • 1000+ articles


Magical Maths Teaching Blog

20. Magical Maths Teaching Blog

For: Math teachers

This blog is a fun and friendly site that was set up in early 2007 to act as a learning hub for Maths teachers around the world and was recently voted as one of the most effective learning hubs online.  The site receives thousands of visits per day and has developed into an influential educational site where educators across the globe share resources and strategies.

Key Features:

  • Shares resources
  • Classroom strategies
  • Humor section

Linked to the wider-based Educator site for more curriculum areas.


Extra Special Teaching Blog

21. Extra Special Teaching

For: Special Needs teaching

A blog by a teacher of students with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD), plus students with autism, traumatic brain injury, emotionally handicapped, and intellectual disabilities.  Full of great articles, games, and free resources

Key Features:

  • Free resources
  • Specific articles
  • Games ideas


The Chalkboard Blog by TeachStarter

22. The Chalkboard by TeachStarter

For: Primary Teachers and Parents

Free blog articles and a paid-for site providing high-quality teaching resources which can be easily downloaded and printed at home by primary school teachers and parents. Over 140,000 downloadable resources and lesson plans are all frequently added to and updated.

Key Features:

  • Topics articles
  • Loads of resources
  • Lesson plans


Fabulous Classroom Blog

23. Fabulous Classroom Blog

For: Busy teachers or parents

A great selection of educational resources and ideas for teachers and parents for all levels of learning. Sign up for free membership to access these worthwhile time-saving resources and plans. Plus resources and articles in Spanish.

Key Features:

  • Resources
  • Lesson plans
  • Spanish sections


My Great Teacher Educational Blog

24. My Great Teacher Educational Blog

For: Teachers’ life

A blog focusing on teachers as individuals and lives outside the classroom. Research-based articles that help teachers live life to its fullest-spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally.

Key Features:

  • Focus on teacher lifestyle and well-being.


Just a Substitute Teacher Blog

25. Just a Substitute Teacher Blog

For: Humor

The Blog adventures of a Substitute Teacher. Light, amusing, and worthwhile written blog posts.

Key Features:

  • Alternative viewpoint



Teaching blogs are full of resources (often free) ideas, tips, inspiration, and topic-specific articles. It’s fair to say they are some of the best article blogs on the net too. Ready and waiting to be dipping into for a specific purpose or sometimes for light relief, empathy, and entertainment. So makes the most of the support by teachers for teachers.

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