60 Valentine’s Day Card Designs That Will Melt Your Heart

Beautiful Valentine's Day Card Designs

Searching for Valentine’s day inspiration? We’ve made a beautiful selection of heart-melting Valentine’s day card designs that will simply make you go “Aww!”.

Valentine’s day is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, especially by the ones who can’t wait to surprise their significant other with something special. Today we’ve prepared a collection of Valentine’s day card designs that will help you get more creative for the next Valentine’s day. The Valentine’s cards are the must-have addition to any gift and a gift themselves that will make your recipient smile. Enjoy!


Illustrated romantic Valentine’s day card designs

The first thinks we think of when we think of Valentine’s day card designs is romance. And there’s nothing more romantic than a hand-drawn card design specifically crafted for the special recipient. In this collection, we’ve included illustrated Valentine’s day card designs in watercolor style, pastels, and more.


Funny puns on Valentine’s day card designs

Fun goes hand in hand with love. Striving to bring smile on the recipient’s face, Valentine’s day card designers and illustrators become more and more creative. In this collection, you will see fun and adorable Valentine’s day card designs that will make you smile, and some may even make you laugh out loud!


Typography-based Valentine’s day card designs

Typography itself can be so creative that sometimes it is the primary design element in the whole composition. For your inspiration, we’ve gathered Valentine’s day card designs which are based on typography. The additional decoration in these designs, be it illustrations, icons, backgrounds, is a secondary and supportive element to the typography.


Feelin’ inspired?

We hope this collection of Valentine’s day cards has brought you the inspiration and creativity needed to come up with a beautiful surprise for the next Valentine’s day. If you’d like to get loaded with more visual inspiration, why don’t you head over to:

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