Free Hand Drawn Hearts: Vector Clipart Selection for Romantic Projects

A selection of free hand-drawn hearts perfect for all your romantic projects. In this post, you will find free colored hearts, free hearts patterns, and free black-and-white hearts.

These hand-drawn vector hearts are suitable for Valentine’s day posters, cards, and banners, as well as for romantic and girly projects all year round. Made in various illustrative styles like doodle, pencil, watercolor, and more. Available for download in vector file formats – fully editable and resizeable.

Article overview:
1. Colored Hand Drawn Hearts
2. Hand-Drawn Heart Patterns
3. Black-and-White Hand-Drawn Hearts

1. Colored Hand-Drawn Hearts

A variety of free hand-drawn hearts are made in different creative styles. In this selection, you will find watercolor hearts, doodle hearts, cartoon hearts, grunge hearts, and heart illustrations imitating pencil, pen, and ink drawings. These romantic hand-drawn hearts are perfect for Valentine’s day.

All heart sets are free to download and come in vector format. This makes them fully editable and resizeable in vector-based software.


2. Hand-Drawn Heart Patterns

A collection of romantic heart patterns is available absolutely for free. These beautiful hand-drawn heart patterns are tileable, seamless, and suitable for all kinds of projects, especially for Valentine’s day designs.

The patterns come in vector file format, so you can make edits and modifications in a vector-based software according to your taste.

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3. B&W Hand-Drawn Hearts

Black-and-white artwork is classic. We’ve made a selection of handmade heart vector illustrations fully presented in black and white. These free hand-drawn hearts are made in different styles: doodle, cartoon, fuzzy, and more.

You can easily make turn the black-and-white hearts into colored hearts since all sets come in vector formats. This means you can edit their shapes, colors, and sizes in appropriate vector-based software.

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We hope we made your day better and you managed to fill your collection of design assets with beautiful hand-drawn hearts.

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