Simple Vector Illustrations: 10 Sources and 100+ Free to Download Vectors

simple vector illustrations

Simple vector illustrations are widely used in web design, advertising materials, banners, landing pages, and plenty of more projects. Because of their simplicity, they can easily fit into any design. The big advantage of simple illustrations is that these are conceptual drawings. Their job is to support the copy and convey the message or idea more easily.

In this post, we’ve gathered 10 sources of free simple vector illustrations from around the web. We have also offered several suggestions from each platform, all free to download right away. Let’s start!

1. Freepik

Freepik is a well-known source for both free and premium vector art. The platform gets updated on daily basis with lots of wonderful complex and simple vector illustrations by designers and illustrators from around the world. However, don’t forget to familiarize yourself with the license conditions first. The free license usually requires you to give attribution.

We have cherry-picked a few examples of simple vector illustrations for you, most of which are business and finance-related. Feel free to browse for more. With the great diversity of free simple vector illustrations at Freepik, the chances to find exactly what you are looking for are quite high.

A few suggestions:




2. Vecteezy

A big platform for all kinds of vector art, mockups, print-ready materials, and more. At Vecteezy you will find plenty of simple vector illustrations, both premium and free. Have in mind that when using free vectors, you will need to give the authors attribution. We’ve browsed the platform to give you a few suggestions for free and simple vector illustrations in different styles: outline and flat.

A few suggestions:


flat-business-vectors (1)


free-office-elements-vector (1)

3. Smashing Magazine

The famous digital magazine for designers regularly updates its Freebie category with icons and vector illustrations. Created by artists from all over the globe, using the free vector materials usually doesn’t require giving attribution but artwork reselling is not tolerated either. Here are a few packs of simple vector illustrations we’ve picked for you.

A few suggestions:

4. Vector4free

We’ve recently run into this platform which is a great source of all kinds of free vector illustrations created by different artists. You have the option to search by tag or simply fill in your query in the search box above. You will find license information on the download page of each vector illustration. Here are the suggestions for free simple vector illustrations we thought you might like.

A few suggestions:



This website offers a great variety of artwork – from photography, through website templates to simple illustrations. We’ve chosen to show you a few examples of free vector art in flat style. Feel free to browse and find even more custom illustrations. Also, make sure to read about the license information before downloading and using the artwork in your projects.

A few suggestions:

summer elements

6. 123FreeVectors

A website that offers great vector artwork for free. We’ve browsed the platform to cherry-pick a few packs of free vector elements that we think will come in handy for you. Feel free to use these simple vector illustrations for both commercial and personal projects and even to modify them if you need to. Also, throw an eye on the license information of each product first.

A few suggestions:




7. Vexels

Previously known as VectorOpenStock, this website offers a rich variety of vector freebies. You will naturally have to give credit for using the free vector artwork, of course. Otherwise, lots of vector gems can be found here. Here are some free simple vector illustrations we thought you might find interesting and useful. You are welcome to browse for more.

A few suggestions:

blackboard vector elements

business elements vector


iceberg vector

8. 4 Designer

Website providing designers with handy digital products of various types. All artwork is divided into different categories and sub-categories which makes it very easy for you to find just what you are looking for. Here are some sets of simple vector illustrations that you might find useful for your projects. They are also completely free to download.

A few suggestions:

Hand painted household goods icon vector

Do you want to read the pros and cons of using stock photos?


9. TitanUI

This platform is a source of free artwork for designers, including UI elements, PSDs, textures, and of course, simple vector illustrations. Containing completely free to download assets, make sure to check the license conditions before using them in your projects. Here are some suggestions of simple vector illustrations we’ve dug out.

A few suggestions:





10. GraphicMama

A website we simply cannot skip. Lol! Here at GraphicMama, we’ve got a lot of simple vector illustrations divided into huge packs by different themes. Moreover, if you are in the search for free vector artwork, you can always explore our free vector resources, containing illustrations that will certainly come in handy for lots of projects. Here are a few quick suggestions for vector illustrations – male and female avatars in flat style.

A few suggestions:

flat male_avatars

flat female avatars

That’s it, folks! If you have any more suggestions to add to this list, we would love to check them out in the Comment section below. Let’s make this post as much use as we can for as many people as possible. Happy designing!


simple vector flat avatars men by GraphicMama

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