Free Instagram Post Templates: Different Themes and Styles

Free Instagram Post Templates: Different Themes and Styles

If you are already posting on Instagram or thinking of it, then your posts are going to have to stand out from a growing crowd in order to get noticed. Why? Because in the 12 years since Instagram’s creation it has grown into more than just a photo-sharing site, it has become a potential marketing gold mine, with more than 2 billion users and 4.2 billion “likes” per day.

Instagram is a great social media platform for turning you or your business into a recognizable brand and you need the content to attract those followers. So, creating content, and keeping it up-to-date, relevant and on-brand isn’t a 10m minute day job. You going to need some time to think about it and produce it, this is why post templates are ideal. They allow you to get your content out there quickly and easily whilst at the same time looking professional. One, they are designed by people who know what they are doing, Two, they are customizable and editable so you can use them as a baseboard for your creation and three they are free. what is not to like?

We’ve prowled the web to find some great examples of Instagram post templates just for you, and to make it even easier we’ve popped them into categories:
1. Sale post templates
2. Creative and Modern post templates
3. Fun post templates
4. Summer post templates
5. Photography post templates
6. Fashion post templates
7. Food post templates
8. Sports post templates
9. Quotes post templates
10. More Cool Free Instagram templates

So go on and save time and money with these top-quality free Instagram templates:

1. Sale Instagram Post Templates

We’ve gone for a real mixed bag of free Instagram post templates that you can use to show off your sale. some go for the fashionably minimalist look, while others attract attention in an openly out-there way. Whatever works best for you – and remember these are all customizable so get your branding working.


2. Creative & Modern Instagram Post Templates

Trendy color combinations, cool images, photo techniques, gradients, borders, and shapes – if it’s on the list of top design tips to get attention, then it’s here. Something for everybody, a selection of free post templates that get the pulse beating to the time of the new beat.

Social media lifestyle Instagram post templates set

Free Download


Ultra modern Instagram post template designs pack

Free Download

Modern minimalist clean post template designs for Instagram

Free Download


3. Fun Instagram Post Templates

Fun and friendly, just like you. A collection of totally free Instagram post templates, that show a softer side but in so many different ways. We’ve included softer colors but bright ones too, organic shapes with abstract design, graphics, and photos – varied – it’s true but so is your idea of fun, right?


4. Summer Instagram Post Templates

Think of the heat of summer, bright, colorful, and full of life. These post templates for Instagram, give you the instant wow factor using loud colors and energy but still relaxed and cool. Parrots and Pineapples, bikinis and beaches, sea and sunglasses – they’re all here. Ideal for plugging your beach bar or just getting the blood pumping.

Colorful Memphis summer post template

Free Download

Amazing realistic summer beach post carousel template for Instagram

Free Download



5. Photography Instagram Post Templates

Photography is playing a more creative role in design, especially social media design. We aren’t just talking about pinning a photo, look at the effects, positioning, setting, borders, and placement. Brilliant images work with the design to give you that wow factor. A set of free template designs that will really get your mouth watering at your prospective next post.


6. Fashion Instagram Post Templates

Is there a better way of getting your fashion ideas and brand out to the masses? Instagram is made for this kind of post, and we’ve got plenty of free and editable Instagram post designs just waiting for you to insert your own images and create that buzz. A massive selection of styles and colors, image framing, and all with great design flair. Click, and edit, and you’ll be picking up the “likes” within seconds.


7. Food Instagram Post Templates

From organic smoothies to burger day promotions, our free Instagram post templates serve something for every palette. Insert your own high-quality photos and the customers will follow their noses to your doors. For recipes, menus, cooking blogs, and health messages – a fine collection.

Modern menu post design templates set

Free Download


8. Sports Instagram Post Templates

Instagram post designs for sports are as varied as the sports themselves. What does our selection have in common? Top-quality design, and all for free. Add your own creative vibe – and get your message to your followers.




9. Quotes Instagram Post Templates

Quotes = reshare heaven. Our gathering of social media post templates is just sitting and waiting for your quotation – or more likely the quotation of some witty genius. Beautiful backgrounds and borders, to showcase your chosen quote and get the Instagrammers doing their sharing, and like a thing.


10. More Cool Free Instagram Post Templates

Of course, not everything fits neatly into a category. We hope you don’t fit neatly into a category either. Finally, some cool free Instagram post templates that it would have been criminal to leave out. It doesn’t take much to customize for whatever you choose, whatever your idea – a few clicks and you’re away.


Final Words

With free Instagram templates, you get the advantage of high-quality professional design inspiration, all for nothing. Leap into the great world of free templates, edit, customize, post, and sit back to think about your next content. Disadvantages – I can’t think of any, can you?

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