‘Living Coral’ is Pantone Color of The Year 2019

It's official! Pantone has announced the color of the year 2019 and it's called: Living Coral.

'Living Coral' is Pantone Color of The Year 2019

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Update Dec 2020:
 Pantone Color of the Year 2021: Illuminating & Ultimate Grey
Update Dec 2019: ‘Classic Blue‘ is Pantone Color of the Year 2020


Pantone has announced the trendiest color of 2019, and it’s an explosion of emotions! The color of the year 2019 Living Coral is an energetic combination of orange and pink with a golden undertone.

In 2019, Living Coral will be the vibrant showstopper in all design areas: graphic, package, interior, fashion, and more. Inspired by the vigor of the underwater life, this passionate hue of coral has all it takes to reign the world above the surface, as well.

Living Coral carries the living energy of the oceans and is here to recharge the batteries of designers. We are already seeing amazing Living Coral designs dedicated to the passionate color of the year 2019. Check out a few:







As a tradition, Pantone has kindly provided tools, insights, and ideas to push designers’ creativity. The code values of the beautiful warm color for CMYK, RGB, and HTML are as follows:

color of the year 2019 living coral codes

The spirited hue of coral stimulates our imagination just by looking at it. To empower designers even more, Pantone has provided 5 absolutely gorgeous and lively color palettes featuring Living Coral as the star of the palette:

  • Focal Point: Living Coral, Forest Biome, Martini Olive, Golden Lime, Mauvewood, Twill, Beluga.
  • Sympatico: Living Coral, Burnt Henna, Rose Dawn, Coral Sands, Sun Kissed Coral, Candlelight Peach, Sand, Mellow Buff.
  • Shimmering Sunset: Living Coral, Conch Shell, Hot Pink, Aurora Pink, Magenta Haze, Radiant Yellow, Amberglow, Papaya.
  • Trippy: Living Coral, Sulphur Spring, Chive Blossom, Vivacious, Barrier Reef, Deep Lake, Ibiza Blue, Pink Lemonade.
  • Under the Sea: Living Coral, Blue Depths, Turkish Sea, Viridian Green, Turtle Green, Sea Pink, Vibrant Yellow, Limpet Shell.

color of the year 2019 Living Coral color palette ideas

Driven by an unstoppable desire to experiment with art, here at GraphicMama, we simply couldn’t miss the change to play with the color of 2019 Living Coral and see how it will go with a couple of our vector cartoon characters. For the makeover, we chose two business vector cartoon characters bestsellers – Wilbert Expertise and Kim The Office Lady.

We did have quite fun exploring the possibilities of color combinations while keeping the looks elegant and professional. Here is a sneak peek of the versions we came up with.

wilbert expertise living coral color 2019


kim the office lady living coral color 2019


You can tell we simply fell in this bright vigorous hue of coral! To celebrate the color of the year 2019, we have released one version of both of these characters dressed up in Living Coral. Each is available for purchase in a full set of poses, 112 for Kim and 106 for Wilbert.

As final words, we’d say that 2019 will be a quite exciting year marked with empowering designs in the world of graphic design, fashion, home decor, and other design areas. Designs that please the senses and energize the soul.

We wish all designers out there a productive and inspiring year 2019, filled with burning enthusiasm to create beautiful masterpieces. If you already feel a rush of inspiration to experiment with the color of the year 2019 Living Coral, we’ll be more than happy to see your creations in the comment below. Happy designing, everyone!

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