Infographic Design Trends 2021: Opposites Attract

Infographic Design Trends 2021

Let’s talk about infographic design trends in 2021. We previously analyzed the graphic design trends for the current year in another article in-depth, so today we’ll go more niche and see how this reflects the art of data visualization. In other words, the huge comeback of 3D design, nature-inspired graphics, cartoons, geometry, and even the colorless trend see some great use in infographics as well. And of course, let us not forget the Pantone colors of the year 2021 Illuminating and Ultimate grey combo that has a special place in this year’s designs in every creative field.

Update Oct. 2023: Graphic Design Trends 2024 are officially out. Check them out.

Article Overview:
1. Simple Geometric Shapes
2. Clean Line Art
3. Colorless Palettes
4. Dark Mode Neon Highlight
5. 3D and Isometry
6. Cartoony
7. Physical Infographics
8. Pantone Colors of the Year 2021 Inspired

Before we proceed, if you wish to make a comparison with the infographic trends of previous years, below are the respective articles.

As you will certainly notice, some of the trends are coming back in 2021 in a little bit cleaner and more modern look. So let’s enjoy the exciting trends for 2021 with lots of diversity of colors, classy colorlessness, dark mode neon glow, texture, and geometry.

Simple Geometric Shapes

Set to peak in 2021, geometric shapes and large solid blocks are back in town. The relationships between simple shapes in order to build and present complex ideas with strong solids and outlines are indeed magical. This is why we will start with the geometric shapes infographics or some elements designed for the purpose.

Whether isometric or 2D, geometric elements are easier to read, user-friendly, and do the job of visualizing data right. The rest is done by color contrast.

…and more geometry…

Geometric shapes can also be used to design fun and appealing illustrations. For example, in the next presentation, the designer has combined simple shapes and high contrast color combinations to create a lovely set of infographic elements for school-related projects.

Especially for heavier data that is harder to fit into one graphic, a composition of simple geometric shapes makes the information easily digestible just from the first glance.

We use shapes in order to express ideas and the notion of movement, to suggest a mood and emotion. It’s a preferred style for many since the simplicity allows to send way more powerful messages than through rich details. In the last years, this trend has seen a lot of exposure in digital art and graphic design and is getting stronger.

In addition, the geometric design gives the impression of cleanliness and harmony that instantly resonate with the viewer. It looks professional, stylish, and efficient.

By the way, we also love geometric shape design and feel really excited to explore it further in this year’s projects. If you feel the same way about the simple yet effective strong method of visualization, you might be interested in these free to download and use infographic templates and elements.


Clean Line Art

This trend brings us back to basics. Lines are what create shapes, patterns, movement, and even optical illusions when it comes to design. They create movement and tell the story. In infographics, clean lines look sophisticated, on point, and very professional.

Lines also look great in dark mode and give a very modern high- tech look. This combination works perfectly for infographics related to computer science, tech products, and graphic design.

In combination with very simple flat illustrations, lines can create amazingly engaging animated infographics. In this example, the data visualization is an animated graphic and shows a video developing process.

Colorless Palettes

Muted and black and white tones definitely have a huge presence in the design trends in 2021. What we love about this trend is how it goes against the standard of attractive vivid color palettes and runs in the opposite direction, like an absolute rebel. It’s the perfect way to compete by refusing to compete.

Dark Mode Neon Highlight

Bright colors are the other end of the spectrum, always a growing trend. They simply scream for attention. This year, however, we don’t talk about the 80s and 90s style neon color palettes, but a high contrast of dark background with a minimal amount of key elements in neon colors. There is something naturally futuristic and clean about this combination.

Another great use of the dark mode is that infographics look like blueprints and instantly create the impression of professionalism.

3D and Isometry

2021 is the year of opposites in any design field. First Pantone announced two colors of the year that are completely opposite in properties, yet create the perfect balance, now we see equally growing usage of both extremely simplistic and flat, versus way more complicated and realistic 3D.  You guessed it, the next trend we’re going to show is in 3D.

Isometric design is a natural evolution out of flat design. It retains its simplicity with a new depth, quite literally. In its comeback, however, the flat is no longer needed, as these designs take full advantage of gradients.

The trend combines photographic images, 3D models with photos, and flat illustrations. These infographics engage the viewers with their creativity and artistic merit, and respectively affect the bounce rates for your website. 3D infographics can also be interactive, especially map infographics.


Cartoon style has been trendy for so long that it has become an evergreen at this point. Illustrations are diverse, interesting, eye-grabbing, colorful, and personal. They are perfect to create something memorable and are easily adapting to any kind of media.

This format adds playfulness and joy to the infographics and is incredibly multifunctional.

Physical Infographics

The new trend of nature-inspired design is on the rise with mimicking natural lights, soft and earthy tones, and flowing lines.  But when it comes to infographics and mood boarding, the trend goes a step further with actual physical samples. It’s different, interesting, and very creative.

Pantone Colors of the Year 2021 Inspired

As huge fans of this year’s choice of colors, we can’t fail to mention 2021 will be Illuminating for the infographics as well. CDPR already got it right for their Cyberpunk franchise for quite a while and it looks awesome.

Infographic Trends 2021 example

Cyberpunk Updates by CD Projekt Red

To end this article with something really inspiring here’s a lovely infographic by Luana Cambiaghi who explains how they perceive Illuminating and Ultimate Grey and what makes the combination so special and loved by designers.

Final Words

Alongside the unprecedented growth of graphic design, we all want to be on top of our game and stay trendy. Even so, trends come and go, and tastes change, but the love for the art stays. So do what you love and bend the trends to fit the styles you like. In the end, it might be you who create new trends for the rest of us.

These were the infographic design trends 2021 and luckily, they are diversified and very open to improvisation. Fewer rules, more creativity.

One thing is for sure, 2021 is going to be wild for designers and we can’t wait to experience more from it.

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