Free Medical Infographic Maker by GraphicMama

Free Medical Infographic Maker by GraphicMama

Today we’re happy to present to you the newest addition to our freebie collection: the free medical infographic maker. Its purpose is to work as a small library of medical visual assets you can easily use and adapt to your data visualization projects.

So let’s see what the maker includes, in what formats, and how to use it for your infographics.

Article overview:
1. Content and file format: What will you find in the maker?
2. Creating a test Infographic: How to use the maker?
3. Medical Infographic Pack zip: Direct Free Download

1. What will you find the Free Medical Infographic Maker?

We’ve sorted the elements in the maker into four different sections based on their purpose. Each section of elements offers fully customizable graphics that you can easily adapt to your project.

Files Formats:
  • Adobe Illustrator Ai file
  • Layered PDF
  • PNG (transparent)

You can import the layered files into Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw in order to edit and customize the vector-based graphics as you wish to suit your designs.

medical infographic maker by GraphicMama: vectors

Layered vector

The exported PNG elements, on the other hand, you can open in PowerPoint, Google Slides, Photoshop, Canva, and virtually any graphic software or graphic online tool. PNG images are transparent, high-quality, lightweight and you can simply add them by “Insert Image”.  Choose an image from your files, resize and reposition it.

medical infographic maker by GraphicMama: GoogleSlides presentation


Free Medical Infographic Maker Elements

Now let’s see the graphic elements themselves. Each is separately exported for convenience, including the custom bars from the bar charts. For example, if you need only 3 bars for your chart, you can select only three of the images.

Free Medical Icon Set

medical infographic maker by GraphicMama: icons

We start with two sets of 9 icons that cover medical assets and the main human organs. The icons are a solid color which makes them easily adaptable to any type of design. They are simple and readable to suit infographics and presentations.

Free Charts and Elements

medical infographic maker by GraphicMama: charts

In the second section, we’ve included a few variations of bar graphs, suitable for data visualization. The elements include a thermometer bar chart, a human body chart for two genders, and matching icons.

4 Free Cartoon Characters

medical infographic maker by GraphicMama:: characters

Surely, Graphic Mama wouldn’t forget to sprinkle some cartoon characters in the mix. The medical infographic maker features four thematic characters you can easily customize and fit into your project.

Free Separators and Templates

medical infographic maker by GraphicMama: separators

Other essential elements such as separators that you can use to indicate specific points of your graphic are also included in the maker. You can also edit the strokes of the indicators depending on your design.


2. Let’s Create an Infographic

After we now know what the medical infographic maker has in store, it’s time to put it to the test. For this exercise, I will use the PNG images from the archive and Photoshop. If you want to use premade templates for presentations, check out 27 Free Medical PowerPoint Templates with Modern Professional Design.

Step 1. Preparing the template

I’ll start with creating the overall look for the infographic. Please keep in mind that this is a test infographic and the data isn’t verified. The entire concept is to give an example of how to use the PNG images from the pack.

In this layer, I’ve prepared the background colors and chose a font for the infographic.

test medical infographic: step 1

Step 2. Choosing images

( File > Open)

In the first section, I decided to point out that 1 in 8 children might be diagnosed with anxiety. In order to visualize that, I selected the pale blue stylized image of a boy and duplicated it 6 more times. Now we have 7 identical images of that boy. I decided to leave an empty space for the 8th boy in the middle so it would be visually more noticeable. The question is, should we use the saturated strong color version of the same image? We could do that. However, let’s get more creative. Even with PNG images, we can still change the color of the silhouetted boy to match our design. Not to mention, if we match the background teal color, it will give more contrast.

test medical infographic: step 2

Since I use Photoshop, the easiest way is to open the image of the boy in a new window and simply select it with the Magic Wand tool and paint it the desired color. Now we put emphasis on that 8th boy and visualized that 1 amongst 8 children might be diagnosed with anxiety. All we did was use a color that makes the images contrast the rest of the images.

Note: If you use other tools, it should be even easier. For example, in Google Slides, if you right-click the same PNG image of the boy, you will be given Format Options that allow you to choose: size and rotation, position, and even recolor. The latter usually offer color options for the same image that suit your current presentational template.

test medical infographic: changing color

test medical infographic: contrast

Step 3. Creating the other sections

My second section will feature a data visualization that reveals women are 60% more likely to experience anxiety. In order to do that, I have chosen a percentage image of a woman and one of a man from the pack. Both silhouettes have 10 different versions from 0 to 100%.

Like last time, I opened the PNG images and added them to the infographic.

test medical infographic: step 3

Step 4. Final Touches

The last section isn’t much different from the previous ones with one small tweak. I used the same image of a female silhouette, however, I lowered its opacity to 25%. This way, only the 100% opacity female silhouette gets noticeable as the 1/3rd who gets treatment, according to the infographic.

test medical infographic: step 4

Step 5. Result

The short infographic is ready. So let’s sum up the entire process.

Are you impacted by Anxiety: test medical infographic maker

First, we prepared the template by choosing the background colors for the sections.

Second, we chose appropriate images from the free medical infographic maker that would suit our purpose.

  • To indicate 1 in 8 children as a concept, we picked 1 image and duplicate it 8 times. We focused on the 1/8th, by choosing a high contrast color for one of the PNGs.
  • In order to point out that women are 60% more likely to experience anxiety, we picked a male and female silhouette with the appropriate percentage fill.
  • For the 1/3 gets treatment, we chose a blank silhouette of a woman and duplicated it. We left one of the silhouettes as it is and decreased the opacity of the rest to 25%.

This quick test was for Photoshop, however, note that most image editing tools (as well as the online ones), have a variety of options for changing opacity, color, contrast, and other image properties in case you need it.

Note: If you’re new to Adobe Illustrator or wish to give the software a try and create your own infographics, here’s How to Make an Infographic in Less Than 5 Minutes [Step-by-step Tutorial].

3. Free Medical Infographic Maker Download

Zip Includes:  Adobe Illustrator (Ai) file, PDF, 94 PNG files

Royalty-Free: No usage Limit – Get once, and use forever

free medical infographic maker download

Direct Free Download


More medical resources

Now all that’s left is for you to have fun with the free medical infographics maker and create some amazing infographics for your data. In the meantime, while still on the topic, here are some insightful articles that might interest you:


What else?

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