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Zoos are a favorite place for a walk, recreation and entertainment for both young and adults. More often than not, people pass right by the signs, missing the opportunity to learn and appreciate the zoo’s amazing stories. Is it a “mission impossible” to catch your audience’s attention? It turns out, people are willing to read… when something catches their eye!

The importance of plants and animals in our daily lives

Bill Lacey from Rainforest Adventures contacted us with the idea of creating a cartoon character of a professor, who would help them change the current situation – amazing facts being unnoticed by visitors. Here is what he shared with us:

“The idea for Professor WIFM (What’s in it for me?) started with the need to explain to the zoo’s visitors the importance of plants and animals in their daily lives. Most of the significant advancements in medicine have come from some unlikely places in the animal kingdom. Most medications for diabetes treatment have come from studying a small rodent found in South America, the Degu, for example…”

Here is what GraphicMama did for Rainforest Adventures’ amazing zoo

As with all of our custom projects, we presented the client with:

  • several concept sketches first, according to the client’s requirements
  • after approval of one of the concepts, we presented the chosen character in color
  • later, we created a new outfit for the professor – a safari one, to prepare him for his future adventures and expeditions at the zoo!
First sketches of the professor

First sketches of the professor

Mixing elements and experimentation with the pose

Mixing elements and experimentation with the pose

Safari outfit for the professor character

Safari outfit for the professor character

… And the final result

GraphicMama contacted Bill Lucey after some time and asked how they were doing at the zoo. Here is what the client shared with us and what happened after the completion of the project:

Our signage always explained those types of discoveries to guests but many simply did not read far enough into the sign in order to learn these amazing stories. By creating the Professor we have been able to capture the attention of both young and old visitors alike. He has turned into a celebrity at the zoo!”

Amazing zoo facts on signage

Amazing zoo facts on signage

Curious to see some interesting species?

You can learn more about the zoo at or at their facebook page. Why not even visit them and learn a lot more amazing zoo facts?


GraphicMama has even more interesting stories for you…

Do you like the Professor WIFM’s character design and mission? Well, you will also like our granny character – surely not a relative of the friendly professor!


GraphicMama's Custom Illustration

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