Web Design Trends in 2021 That Blow the Cobs From the Web

Web Design Trends 2021

Update Oct. 2021: Web Design Trends 2022 are officially out raising the game. Check them out.

Web design trends – the pressure is on. Evermore competitive, evermore innovative, as we look to kick 2020 well and truly into the long grass, web designers are racking their brains for where the trends are likely to be. There is certainly no shortage of inspiration on the web, experimentation with new styles, adaptation of old styles all helped by new technological advances and developments are pushing the boundaries. And designers are not working in their own artistic bubbles, clients also want to stand out from the crowd and grab their share of the increasing market. Design trends are not new designs for design’s sake, we are looking at what the design gives to the site in terms of sensation, ethos, brand memorability, and cutting edge style. Some awesome examples of creative genius from a growing number of amazing designers that will make the web design trends of 2021 throw off the shackles of a year most would like to forget.

Top Web Design Trends in 2021 are:

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Web Design Trends Video Overview:

Check out the video we’ve made with the web design trends for 2021:

1. Cartoon Illustrations in Web Design

Cartoon Illustrations, one of the new web design trends for 2021, not exactly but always popular and always trending. Over the years cartoon animations on TV have always represented the artistic trends of the day, and they still do. So the growth in the use of cartoon illustrations in web design was a natural progression. Illustrations give designers a license to run free and let their imagination take you to places you wouldn’t dream. The trend of use in web design has been growing for a few years and looks like it’s here to stay. Cartoon illustrations are incredibly flexible, can be used as a focus of the site or decoration, and form a natural bond with the viewer. The selection of examples below shows a multitude of styles and uses, all good, all-mighty cool, and all 2021 web design trend ready.

Hello Nesh Modern Website Design with Trending Illustration Style

Website example: www.HelloNesh.io

Design Modo Website Design with Illustration in 2021

Website example: www.DesignModo.com

Zonketech Cartoon Website Design in 2021

Website example: www.Zonketech.co.za

H3P website Design with Animated Illustrations Trend

Website example: www.H3P.com

Rideshur Amazing Web design with Cartoon Animations

Website example: www.Rideshur.com

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2. 3D and Depth Effect in Web Design

The web design trend is looking more and more like 2021 is going to be the year of 3D, big time. Better design software has helped create this trend, a true example of design and technology working hand-in-hand. We are seeing a rise in 3D everything, from typography to images. The depth and a totally immersive feel created by 3D, draw to viewer into the design. Gradient coloring, shading, and shadow effects create great definition and plenty of interest to hold the browser on the page. When added to other trends like movement and animation, the sites are set to become more and more hypnotic. Find out exactly what we mean by looking through this fine, fine set of examples.

Hoang.moe - trending website design with 3D effect

Website example: www.Hoang.moe

delassus.com Creative Website Design - trending in 2021

Website example: www.Delassus.com

Listening Together by Spotify - Amazing Website Design in 2021

Website example: www.ListeningTogether.AtSpotify.com

GlobeKit 3D Planet in Web Design - Example 2021

Website example: www.GlobeKit.co

Adidas Chile 2020 - Unique 3D Website Design

Website example: www.AdidasChile20.com



3. Distortion, Glitch, Noise in Web Design

Distortion, glitch, noise – let’s add mismatching, randomness, flaws, malfunction, blurred, out of focus, – in short CHAOS. A heavy vibe for web design trends for 2021 is going to be evoking the sense that not all is how it should be, or is expected to be. A reaction to these strange times, design reflecting reality- we don’t need to go too deep but suffice to say this is a fantastically interesting move. We will see mixed typography, randomness to spacing and images, strange color themes ( or actually lack of any themes) sites held together by the very fact that they are not held together. It’s not exactly anti-design but that’s a sense. 2021 delivers a potentially huge statement about the state of our lives today, challenging the viewer to make their own sense of what is given. An exciting web design trend, check the group below to be intrigued and perhaps turned on to this darker side.

SheldonStenning Web design with glitch effects in 2021

Website example: www.SheldonStenning.com

Adasokol Unique Image Glitch effect in 2021

Website example: www.Adasokol.com

Hypereverve - RGB Glitch Effect in Web Design 2021

Website example: www.Hyperverve.com



4. 90’s Experience in Web Design

Times of uncertainty often results in a thirst for nostalgia, the old days, rose-tinted glasses of a time when everything was hunky-dory. Whilst not exactly vintage, the ’90s are definitely old school, the rise of Windows, computers marching forward and changing the scene, far enough ago for us to remember the good things and not long enough ago for us to forget it’s foibles. 90’s style integration into web design is a real contender for the most creative use of retro around today. There is something inherently cool about it, bizarrely alien to the younger generation, and still familiar enough to bring a knowing smile to the fave of the older ones. These do exactly the job, of stylishly combining the very basic structures and codes of the then with the technology of the now, ingenious. Will 2021 be the year that this hits the mainstream, we hope so.

Melomayhem website design trends 2021 - 98s experience

Website example: www.MeloMayhem.com

Boldare oldschool style website design 2021

Website example: www.Boards.Boldare.com

Ash.ms Website Design in Windows 98 style 2021 trend

Website example: www.Ash.ms

Zach web design trends in 2021 - windows 98 oldschool style

Website example: www.Zach.dev

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5. Micro Animations and interactions in Web Design

Improving UI and UX are not trends, they are essentials that won’t go away. The use of micro-interactions has been an often unnoticeable element to ease the user into the simple, processes required. These interactions in 2021 are going to be animated. From tiny buttons, call-to-actions, page-turner instructions, cursors, products, pop-up illustrations, or photos if they are there (and they should be) then they should move. Subtle but interesting, useful but playful, 2021 will see a greater emphasis on micro animations to represent interaction. Tiny design elements that make an enormous difference. In search of great inspiration, look no further.

Noclima web design with micro animations in 2021

Website example: www.Noclima.com

Airoceancargo web design 2021 trend with micro animations

Website example: www.AirOceanCargo.com

Kikk web design 2021 amazing ui ux animations

Website example: www.Kikk.be

Rouserlab web design trend example in 2021

Website example: www.RouserLab.com

Laurabize Web design animations in 2021

Website example: www.Laurabize.fr



6. Colors Experiments in Web Design

No web design trends article is complete without mentioning color trends and we don’t want to disappoint. 2021 will not be overtaken by color trends as such but more a move to experiment with mixtures of strong colors, often grading from one to another (to another and to another). Strong, deep blues, purples, and reds are used in combinations to create dramatically different effects. 2021 will also see a move towards initially dull or plain colors that transform into other much stronger, brighter ones. To get the gist of where this is going, check out the spectrum below.

ID Weaver Colorful Website Design with Vivid Colors in 2021

Website example: www.Idweaver.com

St Martin Agency website Design with Abstract Animated Colorful Gradients

Website example: www.StMartin.agency

Creative Colorful Website Design BMS United

Website example: www.Bmsunited.com

Frenchbutnice Website Design With Modern Color Combinations

Website example: www.Frenchbutnice.design

OMSOM website design with creative and abstract colors in 2021

Website example: www.Omsom.com

Special Offer Studio Website Design with Abstract Colors - trend in 2021

Website example: www.Special-offer.studio



7. Bold Fonts in Web Design

If one area of design is affected by changing trends it’s fonts and typography. Web design in 2021 will be big, bold, beautiful, and brassy. There is no hiding the fact that these fonts want to be seen and need to be seen. Full page, pushing off the edges, animated, flying around, grabbing center stage, 2021 will be the font versions of the attention-grabbing child… Look at me, look at me, look at me!! And when they are this cool, who can blame them.

goprojectshift Modern Website Design with Bold Fonts

Website example: www.GoProjectShift.com

Muteza - Skin Care Website Design with Modern Look

Website example: www.Abhishekjha.me

Angela Milosevic Modern Abstract Website Design with Creative Fonts

Website example: www.Angelamilosevic.com

Eye Sprint Cool Website Design In 2021

Website example: www.Eye-sprint.com

Six More Vodka Creative Typography Web Design

Website example: www.SixMoreVodka.com

Vazques Creative Typography Effects in Website Design in 2021

Website example: www.Vazquez.nl



8. Hand-made style Web Design

There is always something rather cool and interesting about a contradiction in all designs. It’s like finding a delicious food combination that really shouldn’t work but somehow does. Web design trends of 2021 will take the inherent computer style of the web and mess it up with a looser handmade effect that can be beautifully and elegantly effective in going that personalized feel that sometimes the coldness of a computer can take away. 2021 may well be the year that this homemade style that has been bubbling under for a number of years really takes a step forward. Losser, freely, less formal, even friendlier. Look at the use of handwritten style fonts, doodled images, marker underlines and emphasis, personal photos, diary, or journalist entries all carefully crafted to create an uncrafted look. Something homely and inviting, you need to check through the marvelously stylish examples below.

Lessnoros web design 2021 - hand-made style

Website example: www.Lessnoros.com

PencilandPaper web site design 2021 - Hand made style

Website example: www.PencilAndPaper.io

Passionevino hand drawn style web design in 2021

Website example: www.Passionevino.co.uk

Dvein website in 2021 - hand-drawn trend

Website example: www.Dvein.com



9. 3D Illustrations and Animations

We’ve said it before (just above actually) 3D is here, 3D is cool, 3D is the design trend of 2021. Illustrations and animations using the 3D techniques that are relatively easy to achieve these days are going to create a wow effect in 2021. The flat design seems to have been flattened and 3D, playful or realistic has risen from the shadows. We are seeing super cool illustrations and animations really taking over web design. With loads of flexibility and opportunity for real creative flair 2021 will be the year of 3D and 3D illustrations and animations – mark our words. Struggling to believe? Check out these great sites and you can’t fail to see the direction of travel and why.

DG Studio - Website Design Example to Follow in 2021

Website example: www.dgStudio.com

3D Animation in Background Video - Website Design Trend in 2021

Website example: www.DorePartnership.com

Beans Agency - Creative Website Design with 3D Cartoon Character Animatinos in 2021

Website example: www.Beans.agency

Inboda Website Design With 3D Illustrations in 2021

Website example: www.Inboda.com



10. Minimalism in Web Design

An old favorite that never seems to go away, and why should it. Minimalism takes the ideas of simplicity that we mentioned earlier to the extreme. Seldon has the time been more appropriate for a chaotic, mad, mad world to take a step backward. In 2021 there is every chance that this web design trend favorite will again float the boats of many people. Minimalism is what it is, confident enough to show you just what you are getting without the frivolity and foolish gimmicks. Direct, simple, and stripped back to basics, often stunningly stylistic, and quietly cool. To make the most creative and invigorating use of minimalism in 2021, get some ideas from our carefully chosen top websites.

GNB Architects - Minimalist web design in 2021 example

Website example: www.Gnb-Architects.com

Baruchpi Minimalist Website design trend in 2021

Website example: www.Baruchpi.com

Rezo Zero Website with Minimalistic Design 2021 example

Website example: www.Rezo-zero.com

Kern Website Design Trends 2021 - Minimalism

Website example: www.Kern.inc

Pchico Website Design Trends 2021 Minimalism trend

Website example: www.Pchico.es


Final Words

Web design trends in 2021 are going to be as creative as ever before, this is no time to stand still. Even moving forward, you’re going to have to try to lengthen your stride. Web design is straddling the bars between art and user experience, user interaction, and expression, functionality, and practicality with interest and engagement. It’s a tough role but if you are not up for it, somebody is coming along behind whom will be. Take heart from the fact that the market is stronger than ever, let the competition motivate you, let the inspiration challenge you, and let the web design trends of 2021 drive you and your clients forward.

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