7 Sexy Vector Girls That Will Blow Your Mind

7 Sexy Vector Girls that Will Blow Your Mind

Sex appeal is a weapon used widely by men and women in business. Bearing this in mind, the idea of creating sexy vector girls to help you attract your audience has been in our heads for a long time. The reason we hadn’t realized this project until now, is that our efforts were focused on the established graphic niche with cute and friendly cartoon characters suitable for every audience. Well, not anymore!

The high demand for sexy vector girl characters motivated us to step outside our comfort zone and create a powerful collection of seductive hot girls.

Sexy Vector Girls by GraphicMama

Sexy feminine looks appeal to the audience in a slightly different way than our conventional characters. Our hot vector girls convey seduction, temptation, and confidence. The perception of being sexy may vary from person to person but there are feminine features which are commonly considered attractive and even alluring. Here is what makes our sexy vector girls different than the rest:

  • Well-defined hourglass figures with enhanced busts and hips.

The type of figure that is considered the most attractive, alluring, and simply feminine is the hourglass body type. For the sexy vector girls’ appearances, we’ve enlarged the bra sizes and the hip measurements while still keeping the small waist, so we can achieve more defined curves.

  • Semi-closed eyes and sexy winking.

Semi-closed eyes create a seductive look and convey mystery. They are inherent to the image of “the femme fatale who knows how to seduce”. Eyes wide open, in contrast, are typically connected with cute, innocent facial appearances.

  • Sexy pin-up hairstyles and hair partly covering the face.

Thick, shiny, long hair has always been considered attractive. Hair partly falling in front of our sexy girls’ faces makes them appear mysterious and intriguing. Also, the pin-up hairstyle which has been considered a classic sexy hairstyle makes a major comeback in the form of more modern looking hair colors with highlights and transitioning nuances.

  • Provocative clothing.

Being sexy means loving your body and showing it with confidence. Our girls are not afraid to show their curves which is why they are dressed in clothes which reveal their sex appeal.

  • Tattoos

These days, tattoos are considered art and girls don’t hide their inked skin any more. Moreover, tattoos are an expression of individuality, uniqueness, a youthful and rebellious spirit. Since they are not suitable for the image of a sexy businesswoman, they go perfectly on an urban girl who is not afraid to show her uniqueness.

Here is how the initial concepts for our sexy vector girls looked. You will notice that some of these concepts were modified later while others remained the same.

sexy vector girls drafts by GraphicMama

Once we clear up the concepts, we can move forward to the actual vectorization. The process of vectorizing sexy vector girls is no different than vectorizing any other character. This happens in Adobe Illustrator. The vector-based software makes it easy for you (and us) to make modifications at a later stage.

By using the .Eps or.Ai file formats, you can change the color of their clothes, hair, accessories, and pretty much – everything.

Since we offer a variety of 112 poses for each character, the series of sexy vector girls require the creation of brand new conceptual poses. We’ve made our research to find out what the typical behavior of a hot girl is. As a result, we ended up with a bunch of awesome conceptual poses which are cute, sexy, and readable and can be used for many situations and projects. Now, let’s go through each sexy vector girl to see what makes them unique.


1. Cindy the Sexy Urban Candy

A modern girl with sexy tattoos and provocative behavior.

Inspired by the contemporary wave of “inked and sexy”, the idea behind Cindy was to create a modern urban sexy girl with flattering colors and versatile applications. The result is an explosive combination of vintage elements – the hairstyle, plus modern vibes – the clothing, and rebellious youthful look – the tattoos, all of this presented in a contemporary color scheme.


Special poses:

We’ve done our research to find out what the typical behavior of a sexy urban girl is. With her exposed tattoos and a retro-styled haircut, Cindy’s look and poses are exactly what we’ve been striving to achieve – a fresh, modern-looking urban girl that many young people can  identify with.

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Sketch-to-vector process:


2. Jess the Blonde Sexy Finesse

A classic sexy woman inspired by the movies.

Seductive, delicate and high-class – Jess recreates the classic movie star beauty. We wanted her to depict an image which has been established as attractive and provocative for decades. Inspired by the famous fictional sex symbol Jessica Rabbit, we created a seductive cartoon woman with a beauty spot on her cheek, wearing a shiny red gown a pearly necklace and long gloves.


Special poses:

Jess’s appearance conveys class, wealth, and successful life. The release of Jess as a full set of 112 conceptual poses required the creation of a few special poses expressing the typical behavior of such female figure. You will see her smoking her cigarette and holding a glass of expensive drink while just feeling glamorous. You will see her posing next to stacks of money and feeling completely in her comfort zone.

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Sketch-to-vector process:


3. Minty Curl the Sexy Pinup Girl

The pin-up girl of 21st century.

For Minty Curl we were striving to create a sweet and provocative look. She wears a seductive outfit: a mini dress combined with high stockings and high stilettos. By adding provocative tattoo sleeves, a cute bow headband, and big innocent eyes to the picture, we got the perfect combination of a sweet and sexy modern pin-up girl. While she is maybe too sexy for some audiences, she would definitely be a great fit for a wide range of projects targeting adult audiences.


Special poses:

Just like any other hot vector girl, Minty’s mission is to seduce the audience with her behavior. With her pin-up hairstyle complemented by the retro hairband bow and the rebellious tattoos, Minty Curl becomes the candy pin-up girl figure of a new generation. This is why we created a bunch of special poses typical for the modern candy girl’s appearance.

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Sketch-to-vector process:


4. Charlotte the Sexy Business Pro

The sexy, smart, and successful businesswoman.

Charlotte depicts the image of a seductive businesswoman or an office lady. In a world of harsh competition between businesses, sex appeal is certainly a tool used for business purposes. For Charlotte’s looks, we wanted to recreate a confident woman character who knows what she wants and is determined to get it. She has a Marilyn Monroe inspired hairstyle, a well-defined hourglass-shaped body, skin-revealing business clothing, and a seductive look.


Special poses:

As a sexy business seducer and a cartoon woman who accomplishes her goals with charm, ease, and sex appeal, Charlotte had to be created with a bunch of special poses showing her love for the business and the money.

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Sketch-to-vector process:


5. Magenta Stockings the Sexy Rebel

The rebellious hot role model.

For Magenta’s appearance, we were striving to create an image of a hot girl who doesn’t abide by the rules. Her rebellious spirit is boosted by her bright pink hair, her head half-shaven, the tattoo on her shoulder, and provocative clothing. Magenta’s outfit is inspired by the fashion trends and pop culture in Asia. She is dressed in colorful high stockings, a short dress, and a loose top.

Special poses:

Lightly dressed in colorful garments and acting really confident, we couldn’t skip creating a bunch of specific poses suitable for Magenta Stocking’s rebellious attitude.

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Sketch-to-vector process:


6. Pearl the Irresistible Business Girl

The “modest and sexy” vector businesswoman.

Modest and sexy? Yes! This combo which might seem impossible at first is actually a super attractive image of a woman who is “being sexy without showing too much skin”. For Pearl’s outfit, we chose a mid-length business skirt and a shirt. She enchants with a nice sparkling diamond on her neck and long sexy wavy hair.


Special poses:

Pearl’s special poses show that she is a fun and playful sexy businesswoman. However, she is smart and acts super professionally when necessarily.

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Sketch-to-vector process:


7. Alessia as Miss Sexy Jeans

The day-to-night casual sexy vector girl.

Alessia depicts a casual hot girl in the city. She wears a pair of slim-fit jeans, a tank top, pumps and a matching purse. With her looks, she could easily be going shopping downtown in the city, then drink coffee with a friend on-the-go, and later join her girlfriends for a cocktail in the bar while looking glamorous and attractive all day.

Special poses:

Alessia is simply a hot girl in the city who enjoys her life and knows how to have fun. The special poses we created for her show how the daily life of a casual sexy vector girl goes by.

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Fallen in love with all? We can’t blame ya.

Here is what you can do with 112 vector-shaped poses for each hot lady:

  • change the colors of their hairstyles and outfits (e.g. to fit your brand colors),
  • boost your offline and online project,
  • use them for narrating PowerPoint/Google Slides presentations,
  • put them in your wallpaper designs or other graphic designs (re-sale is not allowed),
  • print as wall decorations and posters,
  • use in ads,
  • use on your blog, vlog, YouTube channel or another 2D motion graphic,
  • use as a base for an Adobe Character Animator puppet template to create animated videos,
  • and more opportunities!

We don’t know anything about the project you have in mind but one thing we know for sure. These sexy vector girls are not for ordinary projects. Once you put them in charge, prepare for fireworks!

Sexy Vector Girls by GraphicMama

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