19 Cat Illustrations for a 9-Life Lasting Inspiration

Cat person? Then you’ll surely love our collection of cat illustrations devoted to this gorgeous pet. In addition, we’ll tell you a little bit more about the cat symbolism and what kind of qualities people who love cats possess.

cat-love-heartBeing one of the most famous and loved animals on the planet, you may find it interesting that cats were initially domesticated around 3000 BC by Egyptians. Since then, cats have not only strengthened their bond with humans but they have also become an inspiring animal totem for many people.

Today, we will not only inspire you with a collection of cat illustrations, some truly gorgeous, others plain fun, and others again even spooky. We will also reveal a little bit of the symbolism behind this animal with which many people share a deeper connection. Assuming you are one of those people since you’re reading this, we’re pretty sure that you will also love the cat art we’ve prepared for you. These cat illustrations will inspire you for at least 9 lives, so let’s get started!

Gathering admirers from all over the world, cats have become a muse for many artists across the globe. Here at GraphicMama we also love drawing cats, especially when they are cat celebrities.

The following illustration is based on a super famous cat on Instagram, called Princess Aurora. Having reached more than 177 thousand followers, this adorable kitty has become a real Instagram star. Such a beauty, isn’t she? We’ve drawn this blue-eyed princess in a vector format, achieving a flat cartoon style with bold outlines. Hope you love the result and don’t forget to head over to Aurora’s Instagram profile to give her a follow.

Princess Aurora the cartoon ? Designed by the talented artists at @graphicmamaofficial

A post shared by Princess Aurora ? (@aurorapurr) on

Another cat we’ve drawn is the Persian beauty Meela. With more than 13 thousand followers this fluffy kitten is a real Instagram sensation. We had the pleasure to draw this one in vector shapes by using gradients and outlines. Hope you enjoy the cartoon version of this beauty. She truly deserves a follow, doesn’t she?

cat-illustrationAdventures of a Cat

Cats, being such playful and lovable animals, are gifted with adventurous spirit and courage to explore the unknown. With their perfect vision, these favorite pets of many tend to be active at nighttime – a quality arising from their nature as hunters. A lot of artists drawing cat illustrations, tend to recreate and convey exactly this feature: playfulness!

On the left, you can enjoy a drawing by Genevieve Godbout, clearly depicting her cat exploring the surrounding world. 

Not only are these high-spirited animals excellent hunters but they are also known for being patient, knowing exactly when to act. Psychologists say, people whose totem animal is a cat, are people with a great sense of timing and the ability to achieve their goals with patience. Recognizing yourself?


Another artist had captured the adventurous spirit of this gorgeous animal is Alyona Vorotnikova. Inspired by her own cats, as most cat owners are, she drew a very creative collection of cat illustrations named herself “Sport Yoga Cat”. The result – is fun and playful drawings which most cat lovers will adore.




What more would a cat lover want than a desk calendar featuring plenty of cute cat illustrations. This heart-melting calendar, called “Cat.Len.Dar” by its illustrator Chorkung, includes adorable cat illustrations of any colors and breed. Inspiration is flawing right from your desk!

cat calendar

cat calendar

cat calendar illustration

cat-with-bag-travelingHit the road, cat!

Cats are also very well known for their independence and self-esteem. According to psychology, people who love cats, need to balance their inner need for freedom and time for social activities. These people, being also gifted with intelligence and cleverness, usually feel the urge to explore their inner truths.

The following watercolor cat drawings perfectly illustrate the independence and freedom cats strive for. Created by Teresa Mtz, go ahead and enjoy these 4 stunning cat illustrations, and if you’d like to draw even more inspiration, head over to her gallery for more.





As lovable these animals are, cats have been objects of superstition for centuries now. You’ve probably heard that…

cat-do-not-cross…if a black cat crosses your path…

…you are doomed to misfortune. Well, at least according to a legend. Cats have always been considered mystic creatures connecting this world to the unseen. At some point in the past, the general belief was that black cats were witches who just wanted to wander freely during nighttime. However, black cats have not always been considered harbingers of bad luck. In many cultures, they were even thought to bring good luck to those who fed them well. If you are interested in even more cat superstitions, head over here. Meanwhile, enjoy these spooky cat illustrations by Siamés Escalante.

spooky cat illustration

spooky cat owl

spooky cat illustration

Time to land on your feet…

…but not literally like a cat would. Whether you believe in superstitions, or not, cats are indeed incredibly beautiful animals. They have become a real muse for a lot of artists around the world. The following realistic cat illustrations by Ricardo Macía Lalinde are absolutely stunning and depict different breeds of cats in absolutely realistic portraits. Illustrations that will simply make you gaze in awe.

cat portraits

What, 19 already? Don’t worry, we couldn’t get enough either. That’s why we’ll add a little bonus. We will show you a different kind of cat-inspired art, straying a bit from illustrations but not straying from inspiration.

cat-holding-pencil-vector-characterCat Inspired Logos & Branding

Cats have been used in companies’ logos not only for cat food, pet shops, and vet clinics! A lot of symbolism is hidden behind these mystic creatures and it depends on the way the cat or parts of it are depicted. A logo depicting a cat may convey sophistication, elegance, and grace if the cat is illustrated walking just like the example below.

A cat logo was created for a wine brand. An unconventional choice undoubtedly but the effect we previously mentioned was achieved. The logo, along with the font choice and the label design, all convey elegance and speak about a high-class product. Clever, isn’t it?

Wine Label cat logo


cat logo wordmarkAnother way of using a cat or any animal in a logo is something known as a wordmark. This technique means combining a word with the animal silhouette embedded into the word itself, just like the example on the left. A clean and simple, yet very clever way to come up with a unique logo design.

But you don’t even have to use the whole animal in your logo. In the following example, the designer Heverton Andrade has come up with a very clean and modern cat paw logo, designed as a never-ending ribbon. Being given the qualities of a circle, the logo conveys perfection, wholeness, and movement.

Laço - Branding

Laço - Branding

Well, that’s it for real now. Hopefully, we’ve managed to inspire all the cat lovers out there (Pretty much, everyone, huh?). If you have something to add to this collection or have created art inspired by this gorgeous animal, don’t be shy. We would love to see your cat illustrations in the Comments section below. See ya!

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