15 Sources Where You Can Find Remote Teaching Jobs

Remote teaching -in your pajamas, no traffic, access to the fridge -has become attractive, sorry, we know you’re more professional than that! But, if you’ve been forced into online remote teaching recently, like many teachers, it may have opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Perhaps you want to give up the school routine and spend more time at home, working more flexibly and having more control, maybe you see this as a way of earning extra cash by doing a few lessons here and there, or taking early retirement and still keeping your eye in and keeping busy. Whatever the reasons, there are possibilities galore in this brave, not-so-new world of remote teaching. A global market for your skills, eagerly awaiting, with a thirst for knowledge….but it’s competitive too.

You could work completely independently, get lessons through word of mouth, and advertise yourself on your own site or social media -many teachers do so quite successfully, but there is another way. Platforms that help you get started, find students, and match your needs with potential students around the world, or link you to remote job offers.

Here are some of the top platforms that offer teachers the chance to get into remote teaching and the opportunity to make some money online teaching, tutoring, instructing, mentoring, or any number of the transferable skills that you’ve picked up along the way.


1. Fiverr.com

Remote Teaching platform

The well-known and well-used online marketplace for all freelancers, typically but not exclusively in the creative professions, especially the fields of art and design. the basic system is used to offer jobs or “gigs” online starting at $5.

As a teacher, you could quite easily create a ‘Gig’ on the site to offer your service to learners from all over the world. Offering digital remote lessons via Skype or Zoom for example. It doesn’t have to be traditional teaching by any means- broaden your scope freelancers on Fiverr often offer digital services such as; content writing, website reviews, proofreading, translations or even selling your lesson plans, and resources, or creating study guides.

How does it work? Simply, sign up for free, create a gig, wait for a notification, complete the task and wait for payment into your account through the Fiverr platform. It’s free to sign up and use, with no subscription fees but Fiverr takes 20% of your transactions.


2. Indeed.com

Remote Teaching platform

Popular job platform Indeed is an American-based worldwide employment-related search engine for millions of job listings from thousands of websites. Whilst, not a specific remote working site you can filter the search for remote employment and indeed remote teaching, tutoring, or related fields. If you see a remote teaching job that catches your eye, click on it for more information and application details.  You can also upload your CV, and resume, and let the employers come and find you.


3. Ziprecruiter.co.uk

Remote Teaching platform

Similarly to indeed.com, Ziprecruiter has a good reputation with employers all over the world and it’s free for job seekers. Again you can filter your search through location and job type e.g. remote teacher, online teacher, online remote English teacher, etc. You might need to play around with variations. Click on potential; jobs for more information and apply via the button or site link.


4. Workingnomads.co

Remote Teaching platform

The Working Nomads platform gathers remote job offers in different distinct industries including education and related teaching, instructing, and tutoring areas. Although education is pretty far down the list numbers-wise it is expected to grow rapidly.  You can sign up for free and receive email notifications of new jobs in your selected field or fields of remote teaching, other related keywords.


5. Edsurge.com

Remote Teaching platform

For something specifically targeted to educational services, EdSurge is the leading site for educators, entrepreneurs, and investors involved in education technology. As such it is an all-around educational technology site and it does have a job board. The static jobs are American based but you can go ahead and filter the search from a remote and online teaching positions. The offers are not solely for teachers, they include content writers, admin, curriculum developers, etc but all in the general field of education. You can also filter through job category, part-time or full-time, experience, and organization and receive email notifications for new positions after free sign up.


6. Virtualvocations.com

Remote Teaching platform

A site for finding part-time and full-time, and virtual jobs in over 50 career categories, including teaching-related professions. Trained researchers find job offers across the web, from employer websites, blogs, industry-specific job boards, etc, and then gather them all here. You can create a free account giving partial access to the database or 3 monthly subscription paid options. Filter your searches by job, hours, status, and other defining services to find the remote teaching job that suits you.


7. Simplyhired.com

Remote Teaching platform

Simply Hired is a free service employment website and mobile application and an online recruitment advertising network based in the US that collects and collates job listings from thousands of websites and job boards. There are plenty of teaching jobs for your remote needs with flexible hours from around the world. Each job gives either more details and then if you’re interested click on the apply now button or link you directly to the employer’s site. You can create email alerts in your chosen field all at no cost.


8. Newremotejob.com

Remote Teaching platform

Another specialist in remote job offers. First select by category, education, and then simply search through the offers. Various potential openings from ESL teachers, transcribers, to mentors, and student advisers or curriculum writers. Basic and not a vast number of offers but you only need the right one. It’s free to use, so what is there to lose.

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9. Workathomeads.us

Remote Teaching platform

WorkAtHomeAds pretty much says it all with its site name. Search through categories or open the search bar option for teaching and related activities. Click on the job for details and to apply. This site also contains useful links and information about remote, online, home working  etc.


10. Teacherjobs.io

Remote Teaching platform

Straight and to the point, a job board for educators and teachers around the world. although you can choose by location (continent) there is a dedicated remote worker section. It’s basically a collection of jobs post from around the world, clicking on the job links you to the original site ad. Very much a work in progress but one to watch out for in the future.


11. Learn4good.com

Remote Teaching platform

A free registration site that is mainly a general educational information and resource site but does contain job offers, especially for teachings of ESL or EFL including remote online teaching. Not easy to navigate but trust us it’s there.


12. Jooble.org

Remote Teaching platform

Jooble is a job search engine that aggregates and displays job ads from thousands of job boards, corporate, recruiter pages, and newspapers. Jooble is represented in 71 countries and is available in 24 languages. Type into the search bar and count the job offers. Filter by salary, job type, and latest posts and make sure you check out the similar jobs category, it doesn’t have to be remote teaching.  It’s bigger than most sites, with plenty of choices so it’s worth spending a bit of time here. Register for email notifications.


13. Higheredjobs.com

Remote Teaching platform

A free site for all job seekers looking specifically for faculty and administrative positions at colleges and universities.  It’s up-dated on a daily basis and lists nearly 50,000 positions. Set up an account for free and start your job search. Remote/online jobs in the search bar bring up over 300 wide-ranging offers from professor to facilitators. Once you’ve made an account you can create and upload your CV, get email alerts, and track applications. There are are some informative articles to keep you up to speed.


14. Flexjobs.com

Remote Teaching platform

Remote work from home offers & other flexible jobs in 50+ career categories including remote teaching, education & training. An established and trusted job service in the flexible work field, it is a subscription service starting at $14.95 per month. It could be worth it as there are other benefits as well as job searches, but the posts are not exclusive so these job offers could well be available on other sites for free. However, it is an up to date service with plenty of job offers all in one place.


15. Remote.co

Remote Teaching platform

Remote.co is really a resource for companies looking for remote workers. Whilst focusing on providing insight, best practices, and guidance for organizations thinking about or already working with remote teams, Remote.co also provides help and advice for remote workers and you can search for remote job offers. Not widely used by teachers looking for work and consequently by students looking for teachers, but if you think outside the box there may be opportunities in linked fields such as proofreading. More useful for advice than actual jobs, but nevertheless handy.


Final words

These sites can give you options when looking into remote work, it’s a growing area and more jobs are being advertised all the time. Many of the sites are free, even if they don’t contain a huge number of jobs. You can sign up and join most of them, and spread your net far and wide. Expand your searches too, as a teacher you will have many invaluable skills which are required in a whole host of jobs so be flexible with your searches. By picking up work where ever you can, you may grow your workload and build up a skill set and reputation that enables you to have the choice and flexibility that remote working provides and still make a living or gain the extras that make it all worthwhile.

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