Hey, all creatives from around the web! A major newsflash from our vivid world of cartoon character designs: GraphicMama’s blog is now officially a thing! We can’t express how thrilled we are that we’ll be sharing all kinds of:

  • exciting news from the digital world,
  • useful tutorials,
  • inspiring and fun articles,
  • handy tips,
  • exclusive behind-the-scenes stories…

…and a whole lot more wonderful surprises with you!

The launch of this blog is a huge step for GraphicMama and we’ll give our best to make it an inexhaustible source of cartoon character design related topics that will load you up with inspiration and motivation, so that you can create more stunning projects than ever!

Hope you’ll love it and don’t forget to occasionally throw a comment or two. We believe that together we can turn this place into a creativity-boosting oasis which will leave both you and us loaded with positive energy and fresh ideas. Can’t wait to get started already. How about you?