Brief Guide to Choose Right Logo for Your Brand

Choose Right Logo for Your Brand

Proper brand visualization enhances communication! The carefully crafted logo becomes an essential element in your brand’s visual communication arsenal. In simple terms, a great logo helps you promote your services and sell your product.

Undeniable, logos play an important role. They are difficult to create, but every business needs them and is the cornerstone of all good brands.
The Logos are also used for personal branding. They should convey the following information: who you are, what you do, why, and how you do what you do. The logo created by professional logo designers attracts the eyes, does not become obsolete, is remembered, looks good in any size, and reflects the spirit of the brand.

In this article:
1. What is Logo?
2. Why is the Logo Important for Successful Company Promotion?
3. Best Ways to Choose the Right Logo for the Brand


This is a graphic representation of the brand – usually a drawn name and a picture symbol. The logo is used on the website, on social networks, on business cards and promotional materials, on billboards, leaflets, company souvenirs – in a word, on any media, and in any brand аdvertisement.
The logo is part of the corporate identity of the company. Many entrepreneurs begin to detach themselves from competitors with him. All logos are divided into four main types:

  • Symbol – A graphic picture with which the brand is associated. Examples: Puma, Twitter, Apple;
  • Word – Usually a company name or slogan. Examples: Google, Coca-Cola.
  • Letter – The first letter of the brand is placed in the logo. Examples: Honda, Skype;
  • Combination of several types – Usually, it is a picture (symbol) and a word, a picture, and a letter. It is not recommended to combine all types of logos in one.

Remember, the simpler the better.


2. Why is the Logo Important for Successful Company Promotion?

Recent research in marketing and advertising claims that the average person encounters 3,000 advertisements every day. Social media feeds, inboxes, and instant messengers are inundated with messages from brands that are largely ignored. In this regard, the logo plays a crucial role.
A clear, memorable image that matches the company’s activities can set your message apart and grab the audience's attention. In addition, a properly designed logo acts as a kind of the company’s business card. For example, it only takes consumers 10 seconds to scan a logo and get a first impression of a brand. Thanks to a well-chosen visual image, it is possible to influence purchasing behavior and increase audience loyalty. The excellent logo should cover all of these aspects at the same time. And great importance in its development should be given not only to the color scheme but also to the visual form.


It cannot be said that there are right and wrong logos. Each of them is beautiful in its own way. While developing a logo design, you cannot be guided by only personal preferences. One of the main criteria when choosing a suitable logo shape is the name of the company. And below we will give a few tips to help you determine the best logo option and create an effective and memorable image for your brand.


3.1. Text Logos

Text logos are one of the most popular among companies in different areas of activity and scale. They are modern, concise, and simple. And although their stylistic performance and fonts may change at different times, they will never lose their relevance.

In such logos, the name of the company acts as the main visual image. They can be used by both a small small business and an established brand. Text logos are great if:

  • Your company name consists of 1-2 words;
  • Your company name is difficult to translate into an abbreviation.
  • Your company offers several products that are difficult to combine in meaning into one symbol.

Non-obvious advice: Always check with a dictionary what your company name means in different languages. This will help avoid embarrassment and unpleasant situations if in the future you want to enter the international market.


3.2. Abbreviation Logo

An acronym is a great logo solution to simplify a long company name. For example, NASA sounds and looks much better than the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. They usually consist of several letters, which are the centerpiece of the logo. Abbreviated logos are good if:

  • Your company name consists of 3 or more words;
  • The name of your company uses “difficult” words, terms;
  • You want to use a symbolic logo, but keep it simple and concise.

Non-obvious advice: Since text plays the main role in such logos, the space for imagination is significantly narrowed. To make your logo memorable and unique, choose an interesting font, but don’t overdo it with creativity. Remember the acronym must be readable and understandable.


3.3. Symbol Logo

Symbolic logos are a visual representation of a brand in one icon. These logos can be abstract, photorealistic, or hand-drawn; they can be flat or 3D. Symbolic logos are good if:

  • Your company idea can be presented in one way;
  • Your brand is positioned.

Non-obvious tip: When designing a symbolic logo, avoid a lot of shades. The best option is a set of 2 or 3 colors. Also, don’t forget that the logo should look equally good both in color and in black and white.


3.4. Abstraction Logo

Abstract logos are a very convenient solution when you want to use an image, but without being tied to any particular image. Such logos are suitable for companies of any kind of activity because choosing the right shapes and colors can convey different meanings and emotions.
Abstract logos are great if:

  • You want to get a unique logo without the slightest hint of plagiarism;
  • Your company provides a serious product and you want to create a strong and solid image.

Non-obvious advice: With the help of abstraction, you can create a truly unique logo that will not be similar to any of the existing ones. But in the pursuit of uniqueness, do not forget about the semantic component, because the logo should at first glance convey the idea of ​​your company
to customers.


3.5. Mascot Logo

Bright, playful, and a little funny – this is what makes mascot logos stand out. The secret of their appeal to the audience lies in human psychology: our brain reacts much faster to a person’s face (in this case, a character), and distinguishes it from other images. One of the advantages of these logos is their adaptability. Over time, changes may occur in your company, and you can painlessly (for the brand and consumers) change and transform the mascot, while the image will remain recognizable.
Mascot logos are suitable if:

  • The target audience of your company is families or children;
  • You intend to create a fun and friendly company image;

Non-obvious tip: Designing a logo like this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Creating a character that is relevant to your audience will take time and effort through the complex market and consumer research. Without proper attention to this aspect, you run the risk of getting a logo that will repel customers and evoke negative images and feelings.


3.6. Coat of Arms

Armorial logos usually contain both text and a visual element. They can be considered one of the most ancient types of logos. Such images have been used to identify and designate belonging to a particular social group since ancient times. And today their role has not changed much.
Due to their traditional, stately and solemn appearance, crest logos are mainly used by educational institutions and government organizations. Coat of arms is good if:

  • Your company name is not too long (to fit inside the form);
  • You want to create a unique and extraordinary visual image;
  • Your company has an interesting history;
  • You have a family business.

Non-obvious advice: The more intricate the pattern on the logo, the more problems with it can arise. Think in advance about what media you are going to use your crest logo. For example, on billboards, it can be read easily, and when printed on small business cards, it can look like an
unreadable stain. Therefore, when designing such a logo, try to simplify the design as much as possible.


3.7. Combined

In combined logos, we see an attempt to combine two different types of logos; text and symbolic. Logos like these carry both clarities of text and emotionality of images, which complement each other and create a powerful visual image. Combined logos are good if:

  • You want to create a universal logo in which each element can be used individually without breaking the overall integrity;
  • You want to play it safe and create a logo that can be transformed in the future to suit your brand needs.

Non-obvious advice: Sometimes combined logos look cumbersome and untidy because of the desire to fit everything in them at once. Be selective and try to highlight the main thing. For example, if the priority element in the logo is a picture, then give preference to a calm and moderate font for the text. If text is a priority, choose a neutral color scheme for the image. No matter how powerful and strong your brand idea is, the wrong visual image can ruin everything. Therefore, before approving your company logo, you should think it over and check it again. Does the logo convey the core business of the company? What emotions does it evoke in you? Will the logo be clear if it is reduced to 1 cm x 1 cm?

Wrapping Up

Your logo has every chance to become a worthy visual presentation of your company. You can proudly bring your ideas and values ​​to the world! Follow the above-mentioned ways to make your brand memorable.

We hope that you liked this article. If you have some queries or suggestions then, let us know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!

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