10 Brand Name Generators to Save the Day

Now that we talked about choosing a brand name for your business and why it is important, we’d like to give you a very handy list of brand name generators, with short descriptions. 

How does the brand name generators work?

You simply enter keywords, which you find suitable for your business and the generator checks availability of domains with these keywords included. Most of the brand name generators online offer extra service – giving you extra and creative suggestions for names, based on what you entered in your search. They take it one step further, with offering categories and filters, to speed up the process even more.

Let’s look at some of the best 10 examples of brand name generators we could find on the web:

Brand Name Generator by Shopify

shopify one of the brand name generators‘Generate business names and check domain availability instantly’

Super easy to use tool by Shopify – you just enter keywords and it generates a bunch of  suggestions, with available domain.

It is a great tool to use in your brainstorming session as well – it gives you many options related to your keyword. Some of them would sound a bit generic, but at least they will warm you up for the real baking of your brand name!


Lean Domain Search

lean-domain one of the-brand-name-generators‘Domain name for your website in seconds’

Another tool for checking availability of a domain, by entering keywords. The nice thing here is that you can do some basic sorting of results by length of the name, popularity and alphabetical.

Other than that, it offers a great variety of options, similar to Shopify‘s Generator.





namestation-one of the brand-name-generatorsVery thorough search and options for filtering

We really like NameStation, because it has several filters, before generating results, which can narrow down the suggestions and save you time. It also shows which suggestion are familiar to existing ones, which ones are popular and also offers you to register straight away.

If still not satisfied with your search, you can change the way it generates the names for you, at the bottom of the page (or using the menus on the left of your screen).




domain-hole-one of the brand-name-generators‘Each of our tools take a unique approach to help you find an available domain’

DomainHole offers several tools for checking availability of domain, brainstorming, etc. You can check the availability of domains by country as well. Another useful feature is, that it can give you alerts when an availability status for a domain changes. It comes handy, when you are taking time to make the decision for name of your brand!







Simple, userfriendly and fast

If you want a simple interface and to go straight to checking of availability of domain for a name you like – Domainr is your place. It also shows domains for sale, highlights the available ones for easy and fast scanning of the results – overall, very user friendly!





imposibility-one of the brand-name-generatorsCreative word combos to stir your imagination up

Impossibility is very creative when it comes to giving suggestions for names. For example, you can choose a keyword and ask to add adjectives to the beginning – we tried it out – for ‘bear’ we got ‘samebear’, for ‘coffee’ – ‘coffeeedgy’. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Check it for yourself!





dotomator-one of the brand-name-generatorsEasy to use tool with suggested categories

Dot-o-mator is another simple to use generator and they even have domain naming tips, which can be very useful for newbies. You can check availability for names you invented, but the website also has some useful categories (games, colors, etc.) which you can mix and match and the generator will come up with some cool suggestions.





wordoid-one of the brand name generators

‘Wordoid is the most creative way to find a catchy name for your new venture’

Very cool tool in which again you can use roots of words from different languages, super easy navigation to tell the genrator if you want your keywords in the beginning, containing or in the end of the created suggestions. The generator even evaluates the quality of the naming – how it looks, sounds and if it resembles other existing names.

As the intro on their website says, it is generator for made-up words.




namemesh-one of the brand-name-generators‘6M + Words Net, 20+ Generators & Some Fun!’

On top of checking availability fo domains for your keywords, this generator categorizes your results in sections: ‘Fun’, ‘Extra’, ‘Short’, etc.

Make sure to uncheck the “hide registred” box in the upper right corner, so that the generators shows the taken names in red – it is easier to scan your results. We promise the results are fruitful…



names4brands-one of the brand-name-generatorsGet creative with generating names in different languages and in various combinations

Great website to check availability, to randomly generate words, etc.

The cool thing here is that you can generate words from different languages to match your main keyword. For example, we entered ‘coffee’ and we got ‘coffeedcouvrir’, which means coffee-discover. Sweet! One of our favorite brand name generators.





We hope this article was useful for you – qhy not leave us a comment below with your thoughts and possible questions! We’d be glad to hear from you!


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