Adobe Character Animator Introduces Keyframes

Adobe Character Animator Adds New Feature - Keyframes in 2020 update

The Adobe team is working on keyframes for Adobe Character Animator! This major news was released with an alluring sneak peek video on YouTube and hyped thousands of creatives who have been eagerly waiting for this feature. The huge update which Adobe prepares now, promises more precise and fluid animations in Adobe Character Animator. Currently, animators have to do this by exporting their work to After Effects. Once the update is officially released, this won’t be necessary anymore – animators will be able to do a more advanced animation right inside Character Animator.


What do we know so far?

Adobe Character Animator’s new update will provide animators with much more control over the animation without leaving the software. Creatives will be able to keyframe traditional controls like position, scale, and rotation, as well as other character and behavioral parameters. Animators will be able to create keyframe specific values that will synchronize with specific points in the timeline.


How will it work?

The principle of working with keyframes will be easy and seamless, especially for those who are already familiar with keyframes from other software like After Effects. In the video published by OkaySamurai who works closely with Adobe, you can see a quick demonstration of the new feature.

In short, once you hover over a keyframable parameter, a stopwatch icon will appear. By clicking on it, you create a keyframe in the timeline. The next step is to get familiar with the additional controls which appear in the timeline header area. They allow you to create multiple frames fast and easily. Adobe will also provide an inline graph editor which will generally give you a greater control over the timing factor.

Right-clicking on the keyframes also gives you options for customization, such as create a replay and trigger, create a take from keyframe, etc. This powerful customization options will allow you to turn any set of keyframes into a trigger. An amazing function which will help you create animated sequences simply by pressing a single button.

Check out the quick sneak peek demo to get an even better idea:


When to expect it?

The release date of the update is still unknown, unfortunately. The good news is that Adobe will reveal more of it at Adobe MAX in November 2019, so we can’t wait!

Introducing keyframes and the precision that comes with them combined with the ingenious technology of performance capture which lays the foundation of the software will make Adobe Character Animator even more powerful software for creating complete animations. What awaits is really brilliant and will provide animators with infinite possibilities for creating impressive animation work.

What do you think of this update? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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