Internal team of illustrators

All of our illustrated vector graphics are created by an in-house team of professional illustrators. We are the creators of the website content and we stand behind our work. We guarantee: no poor vectors, no copycats.

Working process

Our typical work flow takes at least 100 working hours per product and goes through several stages.

1. Inspiration
Every fire needs a spark. We don't follow strict procedures or a specific list of topics. Instead, we consider what topics our illustrators are most interested in and give them the freedom to work on a theme of their choice.

2. Research
We dedicate a lot of time and efforts to this stage. When we pick a topic, character or theme, we do our best to make it as broadly targeted and as usable as possible. So, we dig deep for ideas, concepts, illustration styles and colors. During the research stage it becomes clear what the final product is going to look like, what it is going to include and how usable it will be for our clients.

3. Drafting
We improvise with different concepts, styles and colors. Usually we come up with at least 4 concept drafts before choosing a style for the whole set.

4. Development
At this point almost half of the work is done. Now we have to convert our drafts to vector graphics. This is the most time consuming part.

5. Quality Assurance
We have to make sure that the final product matches our quality standards. Any final changes and polishing are made at this stage. The product has to be perfect in order to be published on GraphicMama.

6. Launching at GraphicMama
The hard work is done and we publish the product in the corresponding category.

Some Numbers about each product we create:

  • 100+ working hours
  • 200 drafts