What do we sell?

We sell professionally created illustrated graphics which can be used for commercial design purposes. Ownership of the graphics is exclusive to GraphicMama. Our clients can purchase usage rights, the complete details are outlined in our Terms of Service page.

Our Graphics are a cost-effective method for designers to obtain professional graphics without hiring an illustrator. At this stage we’re focusing on 2 main categories : Cartoon Characters and Themed Graphics.

Cartoon Characters

AKA Mascots or Vector characters

Each character comes as a set of multiple different action poses, however, clients also have the option to cherry pick up a single character pose. All cartoon characters are created by our internal team of illustrators. Upon purchase the characters are available for you as vector source files, meaning that they are scalable without any loss of quality. They're also editable.

Themed Graphics

AKA Clipart, Vectors collections, Design asset, Graphic pack

These are vector collections inspired by different topics like Celebrating Halloween, a Wedding Party, at School, etc. Clients also have the option to buy a single illustration from the collection. Every graphic collection is created by a single artist, which is why all of the graphics are consistent and match nicely with each other. Our themed graphics are available as editable and scalable vectors.

All our graphics are created with love and great attention to every tiny detail. However, we are always looking to improve our products, so if you have any feedback for us, just shoot us a message trough the support system. We would love to hear from you!