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Who is GraphicMama

What is GraphicMama About?

We offer professionally created vector illustrated graphics and puppets, compatible with Character Animator software, which can be used for nearly any design purpose. Ownership of the graphics on the website is exclusive to Graphic Mama. Our clients can purchase usage rights, the complete details are outlined in our Terms of Service page and License Information.

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How your products have been created?

All of our illustrated vector graphics are created by an in-house team of professional illustrators. We are the creators of the website content and we stand behind our work. We guarantee: no poor vectors, no copycats.

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Can I try before I make a purchase?

All our products are available as watermarked, complimentary graphics and you may use them for your design drafts. Complimentary images should not be used in finished products. To check the quality of our vector files, please, look for the "Free" label. You upload regularly graphics for free, so you can test them in action!

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Can I buy your graphics from other sources?

Our graphics are available exclusively on We create our content and we distribute it ourselves. In case you find our characters, themed graphics or even design parts on other websites, please, let us know. Content produced for Pixabay is our way to contribute to the community with a part of our design work for free. The content there can be used both for personal and commercial purposes.

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