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Cartoon Elegant Woman Vector Character
112 Action Poses
  • file types included.

Cartoon Elegant Woman Vector Character AKA Charlotte Ultimate Pack

Vector Cartoon Characters

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What are credits?

Credits are the special currency you can use to download any GraphicMama product. Using credits is convenient - just load up your account and download anything with a few clicks. Also, using credits is smart and saves you money - the more you buy, the bigger discount you get.

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About This Character

An elegant woman cartoon character with a cute blonde haircut playfully falling in front of her eye. This provocative lady is both mysterious and super attractive. She can easily become your project assistant, secretary, or even a sexy boss. The diversity of 112 poses allow you to use her for all kinds of project, so go ahead!

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What’s included in this set?

This set comes in variety of different poses, which by the way you can download separately.

112 Action Poses

Still considering?

Get more details on what you get and how you can use this cartoon character.

What do you get?

A cartoon character in 112 different poses, such as:
expressing emotions - crying, laughing, being angry, being happy, etc.;
holding objects that depict concepts - a phone, headphones, shopping bags, a laptop, paper plans, a target, etc.;
presentational poses - holding or pointing at blank papers, signs, whiteboards which you fill with content;
pre-made compositions of poses with a background.

Ready-to-use illustrations
You get each pose in a separate high-resolution universal PNG file (1024px height) with a transparent background - absolutely ready to use for every project you’d like.

Pro files
The download package includes fully editable AI, EPS, and PDF file formats, as well.
Each pose can be fully edited, customized, and amended according to your needs and taste in a vector editing software like Adobe Illustrator.

Lifetime access
Once you purchase a specific pose or the whole set of poses, you receive a lifetime access to the source files.
Even if you accidentally delete the files from your computer, you will still be able to download them from your GraphicMama account.

Why to use a cartoon character?

90% of the information that we perceive is visual
Our brains process visual information times faster than written text.
Using a cartoon character in your design will help you reach your prospects faster and more efficiently.

Strengthens your message
A cartoon character that visually supports your concepts and messages makes them stronger, more efficient, and relatable.
GraphicMama produces cartoon characters in a diversity of emotional and conceptual poses to serve you on many occasions.

Character = personality
A smiling face in your designs always adds a personality that makes it easier for a person to relate to.
Using a cartoon character helps create an instant and strong emotional relationship with your prospects.

Where you can use them?

Web design
Cartoon characters can serve various purposes in a website design - as a customer service support assistant, as a welcoming face on your home page, on landing pages, on exit pop-ups, etc.

Prints - brochures, flyers, posters, menus
Our cartoon characters look great on print materials and help you catch the attention of prospects faster.

Online marketing and social media
A cute face on the screen always make you seem more approachable and down-to-earth.
Use cartoon characters to strengthen your online presence and marketing strategies.

Infographics are all about explaining complex ideas, processes, and concepts in an easily comprehensible way.
Use cartoon characters to boost your infographics visually and make your message strong and clear.

There is nothing more boring than presentations with plain text. Use cartoon characters, instead, to convey emotions to your audience and explain tough subjects.

Video and Animation
Cartoon characters can perfectly fit in video and animation projects such as explainer videos.
Motion capture software like Adobe Character Animator makes it extremely easy to make character animations by using your mic and cam.

A text boosted with visuals is always easier to read.
Throw in a cartoon or two to bring up emotions and appeal to your blog readers better.


How to purchase?
On GraphicMama, we use credits as a currency. The process is pretty straightforward.
First, you purchase credits which get loaded into your account (and you can take advantage of volume discounts, as well).
Then, you spend these credits on your chosen cartoon characters and/or other graphic assets on the site. It’s that simple!

Can I get only one pose of the character?
Sure. If you need only one pose, there is no need to purchase the whole set.
A single pose usually costs 2 credits while the whole set usually costs 8 credits.
If you decide to purchase a single pose now for 2 credits, the whole set will cost you 6 credits later. So, no credits go to waste!

Can I use it in promotional content?
Of course. The Standard license includes promotional/commercial purposes, as well.
For merchandising, please check the Physical product licensing rules.

Should I credit you when using online?
No need to credit GraphicMama when using our graphics online or offline.
However, a word of mouth is always appreciated!

Can I customize the colors?
Absolutely. You can change the colors used in the original cartoon character design by using graphic editing software.

Symbols in the Library

Our characters are 100% editable. Via the symbols gallery you can change or create new poses.
You can also change any colors you like on the character.

Behind The Scenes: Making of Charlotte

See how this character was transformed from a Sketch design into a flawless vector graphic.

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