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Make your own Office - creation kit - vector graphics, elements and parts - backgrounds, different interior styles, accessories, furniture, colors, plants, decoration, tech equipment
25 Graphics
  • file types included.

My Awesome Office Space Ultimate Pack

A creation kit including everything you need to create your dream, personalized office interior. Purchasing the kit, you can mix and match the individual elements from the 25 diverse vector illustrations and create your own unique office space. Or you can choose only one and modify shapes and colors to fit perfectly your concrete idea! The kit comes with different kinds of furniture, colors, plants, decoration, tech and more. Enjoy!

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    Do It Yourself Drag and drop elements
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    All Common File Formats Including PNG, PDF, AI, EPS
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    Unlimited Possibilities Unleash your imagination
8 credits ( view pricing )
Suitable for multiple usage in personal and commercial projects without any limitations in impressions and print copies. More details
  • file types included.
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  • file types included.

Customizable Looks

Each one of the obejcts from the interiors is separate, so you can easily move them around, change the colors, add, copy and delete elements. Create something entirely different and perfect for your need.

Millions of Combinations

Great variety of styles of furniture, interior decorations and colors - the possibilities for customization are endless and scalable for any project.

25 Graphics Included in This Ultimate Pack